It’s that time of year again… There are lights hanging around Oxford Street, one of the big shopping areas of London, and the tree is up in Rockefeller Center, as the ice skating rinks get full and that familiar, festive aroma of mulled wine, hot cider, and winter holiday cheer is in the air again. Are you in the Christmas spirit yet?

While for many Christmas is an exciting, beautiful time of love, family, gifts, and wonderful connections; for too many others it’s a time of too much stress, family they don’t want to be with, friends that seem to be having a better time than they are, and that feeling of loneliness due to the fact that they don’t have that someone special to share the holiday with.

How about you? What does Christmas feel like to you? Are you happy and celebrating with family and loved ones that bring a cheerful smile to your face and a feeling of happiness to your heart? Or do you feel lonely and alone with that gnawing sensation that it’s pretty much impossible to attract the kind of partner you really want AND to keep him long enough for the next Christmas to come?

Do you feel often that the truly good men are taken, OR that you’re a magnet for the wrong men? OR that even if you do find a man you like, it’s a struggle to get him to commit and stick around for the holidays, like Christmas, or your birthday, that you keep wishing you can spend that someone special with?

If this is how you’re feeling now, don’t despair…help is here and it’s my very special gift to you this Christmas: so that next Christmas, you’ll be one of those women who you envy with that special someone devoted to you and excited to spend this festive time of family and love with you. Does this sound unbelievable?

Some months ago, I was approached by a well-known Love Coach living in Los Angeles, California to participate in something ground-breaking that allowed me to begin to fulfil one of my many missions: to help women to become that elusive Highly Irresistible Woman that they all want to become but don’t know how. I’ve been working towards fulfilling this mission for some time, in fact, with a book on the subject in the works and my many online and in-person workshops about to be launched next year. So when Nicole Moore, of The Love Works Method, approached me to ask me to be one of her small, elinicole-moore-julia-kellerte group of Love Coaches (mainly from the US) teaching women our techniques to become irresistible, I of course jumped at the chance! I’m thrilled to announce that I’m a featured guest expert on The Highly Irresistible Woman Series, a free virtual video series hosted by my colleague Nicole Moore.

In this series, you will learn how to be a Highly Irresistible Woman from many of the world’s experts on love, dating, and relationships. During this free virtual event, I’ll be sharing my top strategies to be a Magnet for High-Quality Men along with more than 30 of the World’s Leading Love Experts. You’ll discover how to be that Highly Irresistible Woman that men crave and want to commit to and learn how dating can stop being a struggle and start being really fun.

This is my free Christmas offer to you. If you want love, you don’t want to miss this event. Click here for your all access pass to The Highly Irresistible Woman Series. Click here to register and join in on the fun.

And then once you’ve gone through the series, I’m offering you one free hour-long session with me to be taken in January or February only, to make sense of all you’ve learned or to ask whatever pressing question you may have about love or a current relationship. Just email me to juliakellercoaching@gmail.com quoting “Free Christmas Offer”. And please do feel free to share this newsletter or the link above with anyone who you think can also benefit from this offer or from the Irresistible Woman Series. Our mission is to help every woman uncover her own person Irresistibility; so here’s to yours! 

Julia xx