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Benefits of Eating Seasonally: Autumn

It’s the season for healthy eating
This week I received a big surprise in my email: my long-awaited Diploma in Nutritional Therapy (graduating with Distinction) and another in Naturopathy. At the same time, I also received a very interesting question from a friend I caught up with going walking in the park with my puppy who […]

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Do you feel drained of energy when you mix with certain people? If so, you may be spending too much time in “toxic” friendships or relationships and it may be time to rethink who you spend time with.
If you have been surrounded by toxic people you know exactly how intense the energy can be. Toxic […]

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How to stay resilient in the seeming rise of Covid-19.

You’ve heard the scary figures, even more frightening than some of the costumes we see on Halloween (which may not be allowed to come out this year). The numbers of Covid-19 are rising all over Europe and many countries have been listed for lockdown. This is the long-expected second wave that politicians have been warning […]

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Are epidemics just a part of our existence?

“If we don’t remember history, we are doomed to repeat it” so the refrain goes. So why not study history for clues on how to handle this new epidemic that COVID-19 presents us with? Well a group of scientists are doing just that. While this article  (read the article here) discusses the correlations between what […]

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Natural remedies for menopause

Mental Health Newsletter
While obviously not all of you reading this newsletter will be thinking about menopause now, or even be women, you probably know a woman or two who IS in that time of their life where menopause becomes an issue they need to start thinking about.

While there are many ways of dealing with menopause […]

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Staying healthy in Corona time

At the beginning of Corona time I put out this facebook live helping people to stay healthy with some basic tips. It seems that it’s time to revive the message again as Corona doesn’t seem to be going away as we wished it would. So here is that video with some tips at staying healthy. […]

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Struggling to feed your kids and teens healthy?

Youtube Live Interviews

What we eat makes a huge difference on how we feel, how we look and even how we think. So food is the basis of health. The right food can help protect us from illness and from mental health issues in the future. That’s why feeding our kids and teens well is so […]

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Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate? Part 2 .

Youtube Live Interviews

Some time ago, we brought you Mark, a staunch anti-vaxer, who was strongly against vaccinations and especially against any forced vaccinations. To watch that video again, click here: https://youtu.be/56S0EUXcQnw . This week we bring you Sue, a mom, who for her own family’s personal reasoning has made her own decisions regarding why she believes in […]

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Pregnant or looking to conceive? It may be time to quit that coffee addiction!

If you’re already pregnant or trying to conceive, you’ve probably read the research already that states that you should cut down on drinking alcohol. Well new research is coming to light suggesting that women start cutting down on their coffee addiction as well.

In fact recent research has given much more strict guidelines both on drinking […]

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“If not now, when? If not you, who?”

There has literally never been a better time to get yourself healthy. Finally, the impetus for all those resolutions you’ve made every year to “get healthy” is really here. This pandemic has killed people by the masses.

But not all people, interestingly enough. There are many who barely get sick at all and then those that […]

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Can your diet be affecting your mental health?

Last week in my interview with Ayshe and Arusha we spoke about how the pandemic has changed their lives, in a way that was unexpected. Since Ayshe, Arusha and I all studied Nutrition together a lot of our attention was given to nutrition and its‘ effects on stress and stress management. It was especially interesting […]

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Covid-19 lessons: letting go of the infinite attempts to control one’s life.

It’s amazing how many things have changed since corona virus has become a part of our reality. Plans are constantly changing and 2 weeks is probably the maximum of time ahead we can plan ahead for, if even that. Flights are constantly being cancelled, as country regulations change constantly. We are warned about a possibility […]

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What does your gut health have to do with your mental health?

In my previous newsletter, in the interview with Dr. Priya Virmani and Dr. Bonnie Schneider, we spoke about the practices of psychologists to help with mental health. As Nutritional Therapists, we also have to consider mental health as it can have a significant effect on health overall. We also now know that nutrition has a […]

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What do our negative thoughts tell us about ourselves?

Last week you were able to tune into my interview with Psychotherapist, Bonnie Schneider, who, in her very insightful manner, portrayed negative thoughts as little monsters who just really need a hug. What a great way of explaining the core of the problem! Indeed, these little monsters – the negative thoughts – often overestimated in […]

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Is Covid 19 Causing A Mental Health Crisis

Many of you might have noticed the scary mental health statistics recently. Both depression and suicide rates have been creeping up during the Coronavirus pandemic and domestic violence rates are through the roof. This isn’t exactly a good thing for long-term longevity.

Mental health issues have long been correlated with physical health issues, including diabetes, cardiovascular […]

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How To Connect To Positivity And The Bigger Picture : Guided Meditation

After so many weeks/ months of quarantine, we are reaching a stage of being tired of staying home while still intermingled with fear of truly returning to normal. Questioning of the lockdown is increasing. While restrictions are easing in many countries, many still wonder how much longer this will last and the effect on the […]

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Covid-19 Diaries: Should We Vaccinate Or Should We Not Vaccinate? Video Interview With Mark Lester

Whether to vaccinate or not to vaccinate has been a hot debate for many years. Now with the search for a vaccine against Covid-19, and governments trying to pass laws making vaccination mandatory, this debate has grown even louder with more people taking sides.
I’m bringing you a strong voice of the anti-vaccination side now. Watch the […]

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To Mask Or Not To Mask: That Is The Question

With the advent of Corona comes also the question of how to best protect ourselves from the virus. Recently an interesting debate has been happening: the one about whether masks actually help us to stay safe or not.

Well, in order to answer that question, I decided to conduct my own research. Unfortunately with all of […]

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Covid-19 Diaries: What did I do to stay positive

Now that the Corona virus lockdown is entering an easement phase throughout Europe and Asia, I think it’s a good time to reflect on what we have learned and what I have personally learned during this time of isolation.

The biggest lesson for me was that it is possible to have a completely different kind of […]

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Staying positive in this strange time of uncertainty

Life throws us curve balls on a regular basis that we may not always know what to do with. Some are good ones that lead to much better things: like promotions and proposals. Some are bad ones that are painful and difficult to be a part of: like deaths of loved ones and illnesses we […]