The Day Of Fate

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The other day as I was talking to my assistant about the way we spend our New Years she mentioned a very interesting custom that they have in Georgia. They celebrate something called the “Day of Fate”, which occurs after New Years on the 2nd of January.
This day acts as a special, unique day during which […]

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New Year, New You & Of Course New Me!

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There is something about timing and the ideal time to start things anew with mobilised energy and the right kind of attitude! You tend to start a diet on Monday; improve your grades, as a student, from September; and you change your life starting from the 1st of January! There’s just something about the […]

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How to connect to someone special over the holidays

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It’s now almost the holiday time and people usually have mixed feeling about these holidays. Those with nice families or someone special to spend the holidays with are excited and looking forward to the special time together. Those for whom the holidays with family brought more drama than positivity, however, may have the opposite […]

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Princess Dreams do come true & yours can too

If you have been looking for your Prince but have found yourself only kissing frogs, take heed and read on…

Even if you’ve been living under a rock the last couple of weeks, if you’re at all romantically minded, you would have noticed the news about the latest “notorious engagement” between England’s beloved Prince Harry and […]

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Workshop for men only: Man Up & Get The Woman You Want

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Some months ago I ran a workshop at a private members’ club about attracting love into your life. Normally when I run these workshops, I am aim them towards women, as I began what I do working uniquely with women, and especially focusing on femininity. This time, however, when the organizer asked me if […]

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A reason why gluttony is one of the deadly sins

Some time ago I was forced to change my diet – radically. I have never been a junk food addict, and I stay far away from sugary fizzy water that pretends to be a drink. But I have to admit that even I was combatting my own urges of crisps and a good dessert from […]

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My new program for £49 only plus a surprise!!

Have you had that nagging feeling that your love life just seems to be not how you imagined it should be and it’s starting to weigh down on you? Have you thought about wanting to change your life to finally have the kids of love situation that makes you wake up each morning smiling?

Maybe, though […]

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Traditional values are still the healthiest

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably heard me speak about traditional  values with a modern twist quite a lot. So what does it mean exactly?

Well what I mean by traditional values with a modern twist are values that consider marriage as something that relationships can potentially develop towards. These values […]

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From Journey To Destination

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Lately, I’ve been speaking quite a bit about my Attract Authentic Love Self Study Program, which officially launched this Sunday. But there’s a good reason for this: like with the writing of my Attract Authentic Love book, it’s been a big journey for me to create it and I have learned so much from this journey.

Stay tuned as […]

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ATTRACT AUTHENTIC LOVE program launching on Sunday!!!

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Have you ever felt frustrated that you just can’t seem to meet someone you really like?

Well five years ago that was me? Recently divorced and a single mom, I’d just had the worst dating year of my life. The men I wanted were either nowhere to be found or not interested in me. The […]

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Want to meet someone who shares your life view?

Do you sometimes feel that though you occasionally do meet people who are ok, you struggle to meet that one special person who actually shares your outlook on life? Maybe the people you meet just look at the world differently? Or maybe you feel that not one of them really “gets you” as you think […]

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What’s keeping you single?

Have you ever wondered if there’s something you’re doing that’s keeping you single?

Well five years ago that was me? Recently divorced and a single mom, I’d just had the worst dating year of my life. The men I wanted were either nowhere to be found or not interested in me. The men that showed interest […]

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Are you choosing the “Highest Bidder” rather than waiting for the “Right Bidder”?

Are you choosing the “highest bidder” rather than waiting for the “right bidder”?

In last week’s newsletter (you can read it again here if you missed it) I spoke about an attitude that some women, who often find themselves alone, have that I call “going for Mr. Impossible”. In a nutshell, I explained how searching for […]

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Searching For Mr.Impossible? Why that’ll leave you lonely and how to retune your picker.

Do you sometimes feel that the man you’re looking for just isn’t out there? Do you find yourself constantly disappointed on dates because no man seems to measure up to what you’re after? Well the problem could be you and what you’re after. As a Love Coach, I meet many women who are searching for […]

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Volunteer For My Hypnotherapy Project!

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Do you feel stuck in a negative eating pattern and unsure how to change it? Do you wish that you can be healthier and look after yourself better but unsure where and how to begin? Is your self esteem affected by a negative self-image that you wish you can change? Do you believe your […]

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Is Sex Without Love Enough?

Is sex without love enough?
One of the questions I often get from women when they find out that I’m a Love Coach is around the issue of how long to wait to have sex with a man they’re seeing. Some of them, disappointed with the dating scene and feeling desire to be intimate, rush into […]

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5 reasons you have not found the one (and what to do about it)

Are you thinking that’s a rather bold title? Well it’s the title of my recent article for the Cosmopolitan online magazine. In my career of love coaching I have developed a habit, which now has become a skill, to observe and narrow down the problems faced by my clients looking for love to some key […]

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I’ve spent a lot of time sharing valuable dating insights with you and articles and stories of my clients. But as I constantly receive questions about me and how I came to do what I do, I thought that you too, who faithfully read my newsletter and/or blog every week, would also like to get to know me […]

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The time to take control of your love life is now!

If you’ve been single for a while, and you don’t want to be, you’ve
probably gone through several times of feeling lonely and unhappy
about your situation. In periods where couples out there are more
obvious than ever — such as certain holidays like Christmas, New
Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, or even during the warmer seasons — you
may feel […]

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Calling all lonely men out there!

Hey there!

While I’ve done some amazing work with helping women to find and
improve their love stories since I started Love Coaching, I initially
resisted taking on male clients. However, as my Love Coaching practice
kept growing, more and more men kept coming to me asking for help.
Initially, I began with accepting just a few male clients that […]

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