Q&A with coach Julia Keller

Your Love Questions Answered 

Many, many of you have asked me quite a few questions about dating, love, relationships, and even sex. A few of you (you know who you are) who’s questions I have so thoroughly answered have suggested even that I get a column in a women’s magazine answering the love questions of women […]

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Celebrate Independence With Independence

Celebrating Independence Day with Independence
In the United States, where I spent quite a lot of my youth, yesterday was a very special day of celebration: Independence Day. The irony of my life choices isn’t lost on me when I am sitting here in the country that the United States declared independence from all those years […]

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What Men Really Want Week 4 Findings

Hey you,
This week we have two highly different and very interesting interviews with two men who couldn’t be more different in style. While the man doing the video intervijavascript:void(0);ew was quite keen to give his feedback, the one who agreed to give the audio interview felt that this type of questioning was disempowering to women […]

What Men Really Want? Week 2 Findings

Being physically attracted to the woman they are with is essential to many men for falling in love with her

Men are visual creatures first. I teach that to women often in both my one to one coaching and my workshops. The first thing they notice is how you look, and it is still a big […]

Research and Realisation

As I mentioned on my video in last week’s mailer, I’ve been doing some very interesting research to try and understand What Men Really Want. Interview after interview and the learning from this research has began to take on a life of its own with dramatic and incredible results.

Armed with enough of a sample size […]

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Committing, Focusing, Celebrating

Committing, Focusing, Celebrating
This month marks the one year anniversary of me committing to being a
Love Coach full time and completely. It’s one year since I stopped
doing any other work that doesn’t go along with my mission of
empowering women and that I began to devote all my time and energy
towards helping women (and occasionally men, and […]

The Art of Manifesting Love

The Art of Manifesting Love

Valentine’s Day has passed, bringing with it that crystal clear sentiment of feeling more single if we’re single. We live in a world these days that doesn’t allow us to sit and wallow for long. Work, life, and the everyday get in the way. But if you’re single, and you don’t […]

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Time To Act is Now


Ever since I’ve began telling people that I’m a Love Coach, the response I get has been very often a resounding “Oh I really need you!” While this is obviously great for my coaching career, and while I’ve won quite a few clients just by meeting them, it’s also unfortunately a […]

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Happy New Year 2016! – Let the singles learn to mingle this time around!

So this is it: the last days of the last month of this year (2015). As always, New Year’s is a time of celebrations, festivities, and the making of resolutions. After all, there is the potential of so many exciting things coming around the corner and in the New Year. But, for many, there is also […]

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A Highly Irresistible Christmas Offer

It’s that time of year again… There are lights hanging around Oxford Street, one of the big shopping areas of London, and the tree is up in Rockefeller Center, as the ice skating rinks get full and that familiar, festive aroma of mulled wine, hot cider, and winter holiday cheer is in the air again. […]

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