Create The Relationship That You Absolutely LOVE!

Hey you,

Are you like so many people out there just wishing to have that ideal relationship but not really knowing exactly how to get it?

Well, if that’s you, then you’ll be as excited as I am about this information which has the transformational power to change your love life for the better (and I mean […]

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Hi …

There are certain topics that you may be a bit more shy talking about even thought you REALLY want some answers to questions you may not dare to mention. Well, as your friendly helpful Love Coach, I’m here for you. Today we bring you the first in our intimacy questions series.

Enjoy and remember that […]

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What Language of Love Do You Speak?

As a Love Coach, of course I have a special interest in reading books that have to do with Love. Some of the books have significantly influenced my love coaching and clients hear me quoting them on a regular basis. One such book and one of my favourites is The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

Everyone who […]

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What Men Really Want – Week 3 Findings

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I hope you’ve enjoyed the interviews so far. This week we have some more interesting discoveries and some returning to a highly mentioned topic, and that is in the area of attractiveness. This is clearly a hot topic for men as it keeps coming up again and again. So how important is attractiveness for […]

What is Steak&BJ Day Really About?

So, here I was the yesterday just minding my business and finishing some work when a male friend of mine texts me asking me if I know what today is. It’s March 14th I texted back quickly, meanwhile thinking that he could just have seen that on his own phone without having to ask me. “Yes, […]

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Committing, Focusing, Celebrating

Committing, Focusing, Celebrating
This month marks the one year anniversary of me committing to being a
Love Coach full time and completely. It’s one year since I stopped
doing any other work that doesn’t go along with my mission of
empowering women and that I began to devote all my time and energy
towards helping women (and occasionally men, and […]

First in so many ways

Dear All ,

This year is the first in so many ways.  It is the first year in   which I truly feel that I am fulfilling my mission in life.  It is the first of so many important opportunities to truly have looked into myself and discovered who I really am and what I am meant […]

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