Happy New Year Tips !

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It’s almost New Year’s Eve and if you’re feeling dread at spending it without a Partner, I’m here to show you how a new year brings new opportunities and how you can turn those opportunities into gold – in your Love life that is, though you can actually use these tips for any part […]

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Love makes us happier than money & now there’s proof!

If you’re feeling unhappy and unsatisfied with your life, you are not alone, especially as the holiday season approaches, which, paradoxically, is a time when people become more aware of  their lonely feelings. If you’re thinking that what would make you happier than anything else at this time is to find a Partner who truly […]

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Feminism Vs Femininity

Last week I celebrated Thanksgiving with some friends and all of our kids. As it happened, we were 3 couples, and all of us had female children. On much of the evening, the men of the couples would be hanging out while the women were cleaning up and getting food to serve and basically chit-chatting […]

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What do the American elections say about society and Love?

There is a saying that I heard once that was something akin to: “most people only make significant changes in their lives when they feel very uncomfortable where they are.” I see this echoed often in my clients, who normally seek out my help when they come to the realisation that they aren’t able to […]

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Fear of hand levitation

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If you have been following my newsletters or blog you will know that last month I had two big talks that I was rather nervous about.  As I said before, the fear of speaking at these two significant events (at least for me) was there; and while I shared my emotions and feelings prior […]

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I get nervous too

I’ve been speaking in front of people for years. I do it often when I run my workshops, when I run introductions to my workshops, and when I collaborate with others helping them on their workshops and speaking events. Even in my past life, as a Marketing Manager and Consultant, I would speak to groups […]

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A new phase in my own personal development

Anyone that knows me well knows how much I believe in personal development. I’m a strong advocate of setting reach goals and then creating a plan for getting to them. In fact, I normally insist that all of my coaching clients have a personal goal that we’re moving towards in our work together. That way […]

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If you want to be happy for the rest of your life…

This year, happiness coach, Shadia Zaman, has invited me to participate in her Love Being Happy Summit. I’m incredibly excited because along with that invitation, I was offered the chance to extend to you the opportunity to watch. If you WANT to live your dream life, filled with happiness, love, and abundance, but you’re struggling to […]

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The one choice you always have is your attitude

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As I wrote in the newsletter few weeks ago, there is quite a lot happening politically in the world these days that may make you feel insecure or uncertain about the future. You may feel that you don’t have control of your actual present right now or your future as it’s in flux with […]

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In an uncertain world, the only true certainty is our need for love

The world as we know it is, at the moment, is in flux. Everything is changing and instability feels like the only constant in the air of the moment. People everywhere are unhappy so extreme politics seems to be the dominating opinion. Where I sit, in London, within Great Britain, that fragile union is now […]

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