Are you choosing the “Highest Bidder” rather than waiting for the “Right Bidder”?

Are you choosing the “highest bidder” rather than waiting for the “right bidder”?

In last week’s newsletter (you can read it again here if you missed it) I spoke about an attitude that some women, who often find themselves alone, have that I call “going for Mr. Impossible”. In a nutshell, I explained how searching for […]

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Is Sex Without Love Enough?

Is sex without love enough?
One of the questions I often get from women when they find out that I’m a Love Coach is around the issue of how long to wait to have sex with a man they’re seeing. Some of them, disappointed with the dating scene and feeling desire to be intimate, rush into […]

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Awakening Through Tragedy

Last week another terrorist attack rocked Europe. This time, however, it took place right in the heart of London, not very far from the Centre where my office is.

The aftermath of the London attack, which took no longer than 80 seconds, left people puzzled, angered, afraid, and confused. My immediate reaction upon hearing the news […]

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Hey you, 

When deciding whether to work with a coach, there is no better way to be sure than by listening to testimonials from former clients. That’s why I am always encouraging potential clients to look at the Testimonials page on my website:

This month, I bring you a video testimonial, recorded some time back, from […]

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