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One to one coaching with Julia is an in-depth process of understanding oneself in order to boost your masculine confidence in spheres of love and otherwise. This is a highly personalised service during which Julia helps men to understand what women want and what sort of a woman they are looking for.

Julia works on a deeper lever to help you gain confidence and uncover what men in love have known for generations.



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Workshop For Men: 25th January 2018 / 19:00-21:00

Find out what women want and work on a deeper level to gain masculine confidence in all aspects of your life

“What I liked about Julia were her insights into human nature. She explained that with simple changes of approach in one’s behaviour, results can follow. They did ! with her help I was able to tap into a mysterious mind of a woman I really liked in order to understand what she wanted and needed from me. The results were incredible. Now I am a very happy man in love! - Martin