Slow Down Ageing In 12 Weeks

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Slow Down Ageing

Online Course

 Foods to eat to slow down the ageing process
 Boost gut and immune health to improve ageing
 Identify habits sabotaging your youthfulness
 Unlock the secrets of those who age better
 Mindset changes that improve your health
 Create the mood that keeps you young

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What is it?
Slow down ageing is a 12 week online course, with optional group coaching or one to one coaching, that teaches you what  you need to know to slow down the ageing process and stay healthier, more youthfull longer.
What will you have to do?
Watch the videos, download the documents, which help you towards changing patterns to create better habits and stop self sabotaging your ageing process and improving your immunity. Option to join a group or individual coaching sessions to further help towards success.
Who is it for?
Women who feel tired and sluggish as if they have no control of how they age  and are intersted in taking charge of their health and their ageing in order to stay younger longer.
When does it start?
The program starts when you are ready. As you are constantly ageing and ageing is a natural process, which could be sped up or slowed down depending on how you live, we recomment starting immediately to tackle ageing before it gets too far.
How will it work?
The program will take you through the 12 week plan designed by Julia Keller, healthy ageing nutritional therapist, along with the interviews of lead experts, sharing the secrest to healthy ageing.
Why does it exist?
In this recent crises, we have all come closer to feeling our mortality. It has become obvious that a program which helps imporving immunity and slows down ageing is needed.

Here's how it works

Ageing is a natural process that happens to all of us. However, the way we age and how quickly we age is individual and up to us.
Our body is an incredible machine that knows how to help us, if we help it.
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