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It’s not easy to meet someone who’s perfect for us these days, especially as we’re often so busy with playing catch-up on our lives: running to catch a bus, train, taxi, meet a friend in a coffee shop etc. Life has become so fast-paced that the methods of meeting someone in this busy time have changed. In the past, we could meet a friend of a friend, a classmate, co worker or a stranger you in a cafe, park, cinema etc… now that kind of meeting is much too rare.

We are all so swamped with ‘things we need to do’ that take over our concentration that we miss the opportunities of meeting that someone special that are in our sights. That’s why a new way of meeting people was so needed and came along with the advent of online dating some years back. Once meeting someone that way was something people didn’t like to talk about. These days, however, many happy couples talk about having met that way. One of the areas that many women and men come to me for help in, in fact, is in showing them how to create an online or app profile that really stands out and gets noticed.

The key thing firstly though is to choose the right dating site or right app for you. We’ve been privileged to be asked to share this wonderful research on the top best dating sites out there as rated by Reviews.com, a fantastic reviewer site. This great research on top dating sites really helps: http://www.reviews.com/online-dating-sites/

According to their copious research, the top four finalists are — all likely names you already recognize — OkCupid, Match.com, eHarmony, and Plenty of Fish — and their official tester tried them all. She came up with a snappy username, entered her personal information, wrote detailed but pithy descriptions of her hobbies and interests, answered hundreds of multiple-choice questions, posted photos, and browsed profile after profile. She kept a detailed log of every view, like, wink, fave, and message she received. They used it all to find the best.

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Creating an online profile that really gets noticed and liked is something that can take years to get just right. And, let’s be honest, you’re likely to give up way before then. There are just too many to choose from, and it actually takes trial and error to find the one dating online site or an app to feel fully comfortable using and which gives you the most favorable choice of partners.

The great news is that we have done that research for you!  using the before mentioned website as well as research I conducted myself and with client through trial and error, I have fully dwellved into the pros and cons of many apps and sites. This means that now I can teach others the same skills that had me and my clients filled with attractive choice! Schedule a free call with me now and find out how to date better on online sites by creating a better profile.

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