For Her

For Her

Unleash Your Femininity And Get The Love Story You’ve Always Wanted




This is a NEW self-study 6 module downloadable course , taking you step by step on how to fall in love with yourself and open up to receive love from others. The course includes practical exercises, visualisations, cheat sheets and enacted scenarios to get what you are looking for.

All parts are video recorded, and also made into an audio file for you to listen in your car, headphones, before you go to sleep etc. I am also giving you these quick cheat sheets not to get overwhelmed with all the information and to follow the exercise better.

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This is the most intense and therefore pricey service I provide, going to the very depth of your personality and character, working on aspects you need the most.

Unfortunately, I am fully books all the way till February 2018. However, you can schedule a free discovery call to discuss your situation or/and join the waiting list or try my Blueprint Session instead.

If you cannot wait, purchase my Self Study Program or check out my book Attract Authentic Love.

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Attract Authentic Love-8 Week online group coaching

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Candid conversations with the love coach -One day workshop

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