Man Up &Get the Woman You Want!

WORKSHOP: Monday 5 February 2018,  19:00-21:00

Man Up & Get The Woman You Want!

(while becoming the man you really want to be)

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What will it include?

In two hours you will learn from the female expert:
1) How to become more courageous  and more gentlemanly
2) how to talk to the woman you want
3) how to win her over by focus and by being a protector and provider to make her feel safe and good in his co

Learn what women want from the women herself!

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Who is Julia Keller?

Julia Keller is a  Coach, NLP Trainer, Author, Blogger, Vlogger, Speaker, and Driven Woman Group Leader empowering women and men to have the ideal love life they’ve always wanted by Attracting Authentic Love into their life. She speaks on topics around femininity/ masculinity, self confidence, dating, relationships, love and getting out there and meeting someone amazing.
ulia Keller has developed a 3 step plan to help you to attract and hold onto love in all forms of your life by 1. Helping you to work on yourself first; 2. Working with you to figure out who you want to be with and how to become more visible to your ideal partner; and 3. Teaching you how to get out there and communicate better for long-lasting commitment and love.
Julia works with women and men through various one to one coaching packages, workshops, and live speaking events around the world. She also has several published books and a self-study product. Julia is also a proud Group Leader for Driven Woman, an inspiring women’s group set up to help women reach their true potential and achieve the life they really want ( She is also an avid Writer and Blogger/ Vlogger and has written and blogged both for her own sites and for others.
Julia’s studies include: Psychology, Writing, Business (MBA), Marketing, Transformational Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Relationship Coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy. Julia is a Certified Transformational Coach, NLP Trainer, and Stress Management Therapist.