Congratulations to these people who have worked with me successfully

"What I liked about Julia were her insights into human nature. You could say that she has an old head on young shoulders! She explained that with simple changes of approach in one's behaviour, results can follow. They did ! with her help I was able to tap into a mysterious mind of a woman I really liked in order to understand what she wanted and needed from me. The results were incredible. Now I am a very happy man in love!"


"Thank you, Julia for helping me achieve clarity of where I want my marriage to be in a few years' time. You let me express my feelings and asked some guiding questions to help me make a decision.Instead of worrying over making the right decision, I'm now using that energy to make steps in the right direction!"


"In a few short years the rules of dating had changed, and I no longer had the rule book. Julia helped me understand just what those rules are and just exactly what I need to do in order to attract the sort of woman I want to be with long term; she has helped me understand what a woman wants from a man and I have found that to be invaluable. "

Anonymous Man

“Quite literally the human body is composed of the very food that it consumes!
Julia provides a fine stepping stone into learning more about nutrition and its benefits and guides you in the right direction” – FB.Female. 50 YO.
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“After spending some time with Julia, I got to try some food and learn some fantastic natural and vegan recipes, which have helped to improve my overall wellbeing, fitness and mood. Shes a powerhouse of knowledge and great to work with” Richard
Julia provided an exceptional service. She was extremely thorough in her review of my personal circumstances and provided a detailed, easy-to-follow plan which combined to make a huge difference to my overall wellbeing. I had a constant streaming nose due to inflammation, which was cured with her recommendations. I feel better in myself, have a lot more energy and, with Julia’s help, have developed much healthier, sustainable nutrition habits. She is also extremely personable which made the experience fun and something I really looked forward to!” Sarah, F, 30
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“I was recommended to see Julia by a friend. Little did I know that it will be a life changing experience. I am grateful to Julia as her diet plan helped me overcome the coffee addiction, that I’ve had for years. Her guidance also helped me improve my sleep quality and overall quality of life. She’s a great practitioner and listened to all of my issues and advised accordingly. Her instructions were really clear and easy to follow. I would highly recommended her.” – Upkar Singh/ Age: 30
“Julia taught me since the very first session basic and easy tools to control my unstoppable desire to each junk food. She made me be aware of how important is to eat healthy food and have a healthy life. After the first session, I was surprised to find out that I have lost some weight”- Florencia
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” Julia is a dedicated and resourceful healer, who can intuitively tune-in into the heart of the matter and draw the most valuable tool from the wide range of her knowledge. My sessions with Julia have been centering, reenergising and empowering – they have helped me to tap into a well of wisdom and resources I did not know I had within me. ” – Francesca

“I didn’t know what to expect in my session with Julia.  It turned out to be both fun and very practical.  We agreed a series of actions that I can’t wait to get started on as they are all about building self love.
At the end of the session I came away feeling not just good and knowledgeable about which next steps to take in my love life but I also came away feeling happier and more positive about myself too.
Thanks Julia, I thoroughly enjoyed our session and found it very helpful.”
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“A Love Tune Up Call with Julia both helped me shape what femininity means to me and understand practically how to embrace this.  Enjoyable and enlightening.  I now see myself differently and believe there’s a real possibility to create a new future where previously I had felt stuck.  Thank you! “
“You are so lovely, welcoming, generous with your knowledge, patient, time in a super friendly, down to earth, kind way. I felt I am in the right place at the right time and got so much out of it, getting answers to all my questions I had. I am feeling so excited and positive about what tomorrow may bring into my life 🙂 !
All the singles out there could do with a bit of Julia’s help ;)”
‘I came with questions like how to remain feminine at work but don’t look provocative, how to be open and curious with people just met but don’t create ambiguity with men, and most of all, how to keep renewing a long term relationship to keep the spark and make long term plans together at the same time. Julia helped me answer those questions. Through the femininity angle, Julia helped me improve my relationships in amazing and unexpected ways. I enjoy my sessions with Julia and would recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to bloom and feel genuine and wholehearted’
“I never thought I could feel pretty until I met you. Working with you has made me a happier person as I feel better about myself. Now I feel more comfortable meeting people in general. Being happier and confident about myself is so much better than just finding someone to date. Now I know that I have the power to meet that really right person as opposed to just going for anyone.”
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“I can read all the self help books I want but being socially confident is a skill and ability that Julia can coach one on one, because she has this gift. Her coaching brought out the social butterfly and confidence within me. We did a confidence session going out in town. She asked me who do I want to talk to in the bar. She was amazing, she showed me tips on how to start the conversation with any man in the room without feeling awkward.
Her natural ability and ease with talking to men is evident, resulting in their positive responsive.  It was a good social confidence building session allowing me to have the ability to talk to a man I am interested in.”
“I have known Julia on a business and friendly basis for at least 5 years. We always engage in stimulating conversation and explore the very meaning and essence of love. I have to say. Her knowledge, insight and intuition on the “art” of love is always impressive. Her passion and articulation about the subject is clearly her calling. I’d highly recommend her services. The woman has insight!”

How well did the coach explain the coaching process?

Julia’s explanation of the process was very thorough. The process, the timing, and the tasks to accomplish were all well laid out and communicated. I was impressed with the ability to focus on the process as the topic of love can be emotional and easy to lose sight of the task. Julia did this professionally. She has the skills, the process and the leadership to coach anyone to feel empowered to find their love.

What did you get from your work together?
100% confidence.
Just one session with Julia and I was figuring out not just my calling and what I was truly passionate about, but how to actually monetise it so that I get paid doing what I do. With another session, we further fleshed out the idea and I began putting it into practice. Once my thoughts and my actions were aligned and I knew exactly how to pursue my dream, I was unstoppable.
What did you get from working closely with Julia?
“Some excellent advice on how to improve one’s appearance; how to attract the opposite sex; how to keep them on their toes; how to keep them interested; how not to give too much info, how to turn the conversation around; how to be more open.”
Would you recommend your coach to your friends?
“Definitely – very knowledgeable and clearly knows what she is doing. Has excellent advice.  Very dedicated coach”
What are Julia’s Strengths?
“Extremely dedicated, punctual, reliable. Gives excellent advice; knows what she is talking about. Very witty “
“Julia has an innate quality to get under our skin to understand what I am trying to express. There are cultural and social differences along with religious practices and Julia has been able to understand the difficulties and helped me to overcome these difficulties with very innovative and thoughtful coaching. Julia is truly international in nature and able to bridge the gap between the east and west. Julia does not provide solutions but help us explore the problem and arrive at the solutions and work with the clients to make sure the solutions are applied rightly to achieve success. Julia is very gently and helps the client get back their self esteem.”
“I had enrolled for 2 courses – improve my relationship and for loving myself and what I do. The sessions helped me realize where I went wrong in handling my relationships and how to quickly correct myself to achieve the desired results. Practicing the tips and pointers from the coaching has certainly helped me to improve relationships and removed strain from existing ones. I could also set life goals and get better clarity on what I actually wanted and what was important to me which actually is different to what I thought was important to me. Writing down my thought process during the sessions helped me achieve clarity in my thought process, priorities, my weakness and strengths and things I need to work on to achieve success in my goals. I can see steady improvement in my relationship and goals building”
“I’ve never undergone coaching before but I’m really glad I’ve undertaken these sessions as I’ve found them very beneficial. Julia Keller is a great coach. She has a relaxed style and is willing to work flexibility with clients to ensure that you work on the areas where you need the most assistance. She has a wonderful blend of empathy and honesty in her feedback and is willing to push into those difficult areas to help you learn and grow.I’ve found my sessions with Julia insightful. They’ve made me more self-aware and reflective of my behaviour. Julia has helped bring new perspectives to my thinking and her coaching has had a positive impact on my life.”
“The workshop was great, I have learned loads and changed my way of meeting men!”


“Thank you for all you said. I’m dating him now. I thought I should listen to you and gave him a chance… He makes me very happy so thanks for the advice. We are now together and it is going great. We have not separated since we started dating months ago and we are both very content.”
“Thanks so much Julia for your inspiration.  For the first time in 10 years, I need to buy a smaller belt as mine in now on the last hole and won’t hold up my jeans! Another month of dieting and I’ll be ready for you to take me shopping! My confidence is up and I even made a man chase me around the bar for an hour – using your techniques. And now I’m good at flirting with him too!”
“Julia started coaching me after my boyfriend of many years and I had broken up. I was totally devastated as I knew that this was the man that I was meant to spend my life with. Thanks to Julia’s coaching and advise, I somehow managed not to lose it and to remain positive and active. I kept myself busy and my outlook as hopeful as was possible at the time and did my best not to let on just how much I was falling apart inside. By following her advise, I actually really started to feel better and to rebuild myself. And guess what: seeing me thriving, he said that he wanted me back. Thanks to her coaching, I knew that I had to make him work harder and to truly commit to a future together this time before I’d take him back. Now we are happily married and have a wonderful little one as well. Thank you, Julia!”
Raquel and Family
“Thank you so much, Julia, for my incredible change, both inside and out. Your coaching has made such a huge difference in my life already! The first time I put your femininity coaching to use, I went to work in my high heel ankle boots and skirt and blouse with makeup and hair looking good, I looked and felt great! I continue to feel so good about myself and I now know that I’m totally worthy of love and that the right man will adore me. In fact, only a week after we put together that list of what I’d really like in a man, I met my current boyfriend. I can’t believe it and how happy I am! I’m thinking about the possibility of marriage for the first time ever! Thanks so much for all your help!”