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Sometimes we get into a point in life when we feel more alone and more isolated than ever. Recently we’ve had a tough time in this world, with many countries going into quarantine due to the pandemic and the loneliness rate becoming worse than ever.

Sadly, our country is already one of the many where loneliness […]

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Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate? Part 2 .

Youtube Live Interviews

Some time ago, we brought you Mark, a staunch anti-vaxer, who was strongly against vaccinations and especially against any forced vaccinations. To watch that video again, click here: https://youtu.be/56S0EUXcQnw . This week we bring you Sue, a mom, who for her own family’s personal reasoning has made her own decisions regarding why she believes in […]

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Milk: is it really good or bad for you?

Hey there!

As someone who’s become so interested in Nutrition that I decided to study the subject (and am in my second of three years at the moment), I’ve certainly been on the receiving end of many opinions and questions concerning the debate on milk and whether we should or shouldn’t be drinking it. To be […]

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My New Three Target Areas

It’s now 2018 and that means a clean slate to create the kind of life that we really want and to begin a new year afresh. The idea is to plan to change a small number of things that will help us to move closer to your goal. So what is […]

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New Year, New You & Of Course New Me!

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There is something about timing and the ideal time to start things anew with mobilised energy and the right kind of attitude! You tend to start a diet on Monday; improve your grades, as a student, from September; and you change your life starting from the 1st of January! There’s just something about the […]

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Hey you,

I’ve spent a lot of time sharing valuable dating insights with you and articles and stories of my clients. But as I constantly receive questions about me and how I came to do what I do, I thought that you too, who faithfully read my newsletter and/or blog every week, would also like to get to know me […]

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If you’ve been following my work for a while, or if you’ve worked with me in the past, or read my books, you’ve probably heard or seen me repeat the phrase “believe in second chances” in different ways. While you probably theoretically believe that second chances are possible, you may feel –especially if you’ve loved […]

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My First Published Writing!

Visualise your way to success
(in whatever area you want)!

It’s amazing how things happen. Just some years back I was still trying to figure out what I was meant for in this world and what my mission was. I spent a lot of time growing seeds and asking the universe for guidance. But I acted too.

Some […]

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A new phase in my own personal development

Anyone that knows me well knows how much I believe in personal development. I’m a strong advocate of setting reach goals and then creating a plan for getting to them. In fact, I normally insist that all of my coaching clients have a personal goal that we’re moving towards in our work together. That way […]

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If you want to be happy for the rest of your life…

This year, happiness coach, Shadia Zaman, has invited me to participate in her Love Being Happy Summit. I’m incredibly excited because along with that invitation, I was offered the chance to extend to you the opportunity to watch. If you WANT to live your dream life, filled with happiness, love, and abundance, but you’re struggling to […]

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What I learned from my research


Hi there,

Last week was officially the final week of the What Men Really Want series (it’s all on YouTube on its own YouTube channel by the way if you missed some and also on my website blog section under that name. Here’s the link for you to tune in). Phew, that was […]

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Being true to who you are will bring the balance you are looking for in love

Hi there,

This is the 10th and final week of the “What Men Really Want” series. And for this week, we thought we’d bring you something rather different from the typical men that we’ve been interviewing up to now. This time we have two men who say that they love curves and full-figured women, women who are more stable […]

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Week 9 – We are the swiping generation

We are the swiping generation

Hi there,

This is week 9 of our interview series. That means only a one more week to go after this one! This week our theme seems to be online dating, or rather should we say dating using the swipe apps, like Tinder, Bumble, JSwipe, etc. and how to make them work […]

What Men Really Want- Ask that question!

Hi there,

This is week 8 of our interview series. This week we admit that looks are important (all of our men interviews have made that apparent up to now) so it is not a point to ignore. However, good looks, as we’ve seen over the past weeks of interviews, go beyond just looking pretty. Most […]

What Men Really Want – Fresh, Honest, Open

Hi there,

We are now on Week 6 of the “What Men Really Want” series so there are only a few more weeks of videos remaining for you to watch. I hope that you’ve found the series useful. I know that I have personally learned quite a lot for the wonderful, open men who have very […]

What Men Really Want Week 6

Hey you,
So this week we come back again to what men really want. This time we are confronted with the “grass is always greener” topic that many of my clients worry about and that has been further enabled by today’s Tinder generation. “How do I know that I’ll be good enough for him,” they ask. “How […]


Hi there,

We are now just past the halfway point of the “What Men Really Want” series so that only a few more weeks of videos remain for you to watch. I hope that you have been enjoying the series up to now. You can catch up on any blogs that you’ve missed here, just click here.

As we’re now […]

What Men Really Want Week 5

Hi there,

I hope that you have been enjoying the “What Men Really Want” series up to now. You can catch up on all the interviews here

This week we have a much more physiological discussion about what core character men really find attractive.

Everything is about self-belief first

Men are first and foremost attracted to women who […]

What Men Really Want Week 4 Findings

Hey you,
This week we have two highly different and very interesting interviews with two men who couldn’t be more different in style. While the man doing the video intervijavascript:void(0);ew was quite keen to give his feedback, the one who agreed to give the audio interview felt that this type of questioning was disempowering to women […]

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What Men Really Want – Week 3 Findings

Hey you,

I hope you’ve enjoyed the interviews so far. This week we have some more interesting discoveries and some returning to a highly mentioned topic, and that is in the area of attractiveness. This is clearly a hot topic for men as it keeps coming up again and again. So how important is attractiveness for […]

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