Thanksgiving Is A Chance To Practice Being Thankful

For me, confronted with health issues of my children, my immediate instincts of someone constantly studying the latest in wellness and health instantly kicked in. I learned more about how to heal Corona quickly by trying it out on my daughter. I learned more about protecting the rest of us in the family from becoming sick by trying remedies out on myself and my youngest.

Thanksgiving is a chance to practice being thankful. 

Recently, my eldest daughter was sick with covid. It wasn’t a particularly great time for her being ill as holidays were coming up and their trip abroad with dad was booked.  I, in turn, had way too much on my plate to be able to stay home and be sick, not to mention a small dog that no one else was going to walk for me. “I have no time to be sick!” was my usual retort when friends and relatives inquired concerned about our health. While my younger one could hide out in other rooms of the house, as a mother, my first job was to care for my children and ensure they got well. Hence I spent much time in looking after my daughter putting her health concerns above mine.

It’s interesting how we tend to pay more attention to something when it’s missing than when it’s as and where we expect it to be. As a Nutritional Therapist, I spend most of my time these days dealing with health in one way or another, always aware of what is out there health wise and doing my best to ensure optimum health for me and my family, along with for my clients. But while I ensure that we all live a healthy lifestyle and eat a mostly healthy diet at home, I don’t focus specifically in on our health until something isn’t working.

Isn’t this how most of us have lived up until the Corona crisis began? Health was something we didn’t pay much attention to when we had it. It wasn’t a particular concern for most until suddenly the entire world was presented with a health crisis that no one knew exactly how to get out of. Suddenly, all of society, including all the normal rules of living were changed to protect what few had even considered much before: health. 

For me, confronted with health issues of my children, my immediate instincts of someone constantly studying the latest in wellness and health instantly kicked in. I learned more about how to heal Corona quickly by trying it out on my daughter. I learned more about protecting the rest of us in the family from becoming sick by trying remedies out on myself and my youngest. As it happens, my experiments proved highly successful for our small family. My sick daughter was very quickly better, while myself and the other child managed to stay healthy and not get sick. The children were able to go away on holidays as planned and my dog didn’t have to miss any of his usual walks.

Whether it was due to my knowledge of nutrition or due to my persistent focus on keeping my family healthy, we were luckier than most and came through Corona relatively unscathed. I was grateful for the health we’d protected up to that point and I added a gratitude meditation and thanked the universe again for the journey that brought me to the direct awareness of the importance of health that happened before the entire world began suffering from this serious health epidemic that has claimed so many.

These days media and news of all kinds focuses in on fear, not on hope. So that everyone walks around being scared of being sick rather than grateful for being healthy. As a believer of the Law of Attraction, I can see how what we focus on tends to be what is realised. This focus is true for the use of language as well. Gratitude should be used abundantly in both the way you think and the way you speak.

According to the Law of Attraction, we tend to attract what we think, whether it is positive or negative and whether it is thought consciously or even very unconsciously. Hence, focusing on the fear of becoming ill is exactly what gives strength to the growth of illness. Gratitude is a way to turn that feeling of fear on its’ heel and to force us to look for that which we value and for what we do have. Once we realise what we have, we can then work better to protect it. Hence we begin to look after our health not because we fear losing it but because we want to keep healthy for as long as possible. And if not already healthy, focusing on health helps to bring us closer towards what we want (not what we lack).

Now that we’re soon to celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving, it’s a wonderful time to focus on learning how to focus on the art of being thankful, as it is in fact an art. Learning to look for what we like rather than focusing on what we lack or what we fear is something that most don’t do naturally but need to learn to. 

The upcoming festive holidays and the New Year, is a great time to think about what we value most in our lives and in the people that we are close to. When I spend time thinking about what annoys me about my kids, they seem to become more annoying. However, as soon as I consider the many aspects of their unique and interesting personalities that I adore, I suddenly realise again just how special they are, and how grateful I am for having them.

Gratitude has the magic ability to help us see the world through rose-coloured glasses, suddenly becoming keenly aware of how beautiful and wonderful it really is. Wouldn’t you rather see things that way than through the other glasses that come from complaining and irritation: those that leave your life feeling empty and your soul constantly wanting? Even more so, wouldn’t you rather focus in on what you want more of than what you want less of. Well the choice of focus is up to you, so choose well. 

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“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” — Thornton Wilder

~ Julia

Three key questions to asks ourselves during Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is meant to be a time shared with family and friends filled with hugs and laughter and carolling. The same is true for Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights that normally precedes Christmas and where Hanukkah songs are sang and dreidel games are played between children.

This year, however, due to the current situation, the festivities will be very different. Many of us won’t be able to celebrate with family and friends or with hugs and cuddles or even with singing. This year we’re being asked to be more careful and travel is restricted. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate at all.

In general, while the holidays normally bring about merry cheer and smiles and celebrations, they also are a time when so many become highly aware of their loneliness. The holidays, especially Christmas, have always been a time when those alone feel more lonely than ever, having no one to celebrate that special time with. Emergency rooms often peak around the holidays with those who need comfort during these times which can be just as sad as they are happy.

This year there will be more loneliness as people continue to isolate for safety, which also means more sadness and less hugs and merry toasting. But that isn’t to say that we’re defeated. Luckily, technology has advanced so much that even if we can’t celebrate with our loved ones in person, with hugs and cuddles, we can at least celebrate with them through a screen, still filling our homes with singing.

2020 has been a challenging year filled with difficulty and darkness. But in every darkness, there is always the glimpse of light. And that is what we should look for at the end of this challenging and strange year.
So let’s ask ourselves these three key questions:

-What have I learned about myself?

-In what way have I grown this year?

-In which direction do I want my life to go in the future?

Watch my Christmas greetings video below and share your answers with us in the comments, or email us at

How To Connect To Positivity And The Bigger Picture : Guided Meditation

After so many weeks/ months of quarantine, we are reaching a stage of being tired of staying home while still intermingled with fear of truly returning to normal. Questioning of the lockdown is increasing. While restrictions are easing in many countries, many still wonder how much longer this will last and the effect on the economy.

The way I look at events, no matter how small or big, I always want to see the “purpose” the universe has for it having occurred. I believe that there is reason behind what happens. Is it a warning from the earth itself that things are getting out of control with how we live, or is it an opportunity to live life quieter, to momentarily escape from the fast pace we’ve been living in and to realise that there is more to life.

Either way, it is seeing the BIGER PICTURE, which is so difficult when we are  sucked in the whirlpool of our own personal trouble. But in absolutely any situation, there is always a bigger picture – which is what I want to offer you to meditate on.

Seeing the bigger picture not only eases the pain, but puts things in perspective and direction in which we can choose to go in.

I hope you find this guided meditation useful. Please feel free to pass it on to anyone you think could benefit. If you or anyone you know would like some help in rediscovering their health and their purpose, they can book a free 30 minute call with me here.

Also, have a look at the article I’m sharing for some positive news on the battle against Coronavirus.

Positive Article of the week

FACTS about Covid 10


Staying positive in this strange time of uncertainty

Life throws us curve balls on a regular basis that we may not always know what to do with. Some are good ones that lead to much better things: like promotions and proposals. Some are bad ones that are painful and difficult to be a part of: like deaths of loved ones and illnesses we struggle to get better with.
Some are just challenges that can go either way. Covid-19 (aka: the Coronavirus) is one of them. How it goes depends in a large part on how we handle it. Do we take it as a negative and look at it with dismay, anger, depression, loneliness? Or do we take it as a potential positive that could, if taken as the temporary turmoil that it is, eventually lead to better things?
In this video, I speak with two friends on how they find their own way to reframe this would be negative situation into something potentially positive.

Need help reframing your negative into positive? Book a free 30 minute call with me here.

Positive Article of the week

New Covid-19 research suggests millions may have survived disease in UK without even knowing it


Visualisation for new beginnings

As humans, we feel emotional when an end of any sort approaches. When we finish university or any kind of long study, we feel a sense of nostalgia over something which may have felt stressful and difficult at the time but when finished feels sad at the ending, mixed with trepidation combined with joy of the unknown future.
When someone we know well or care about passes away, we feel deep grief mixed with anxiety at the realization of our own mortality. Going through a break up of a relationship that was either long-term or very important to us fills us with heartache, loneliness and the feeling of wondering if we’ll ever find anyone to love us again — especially if the end wasn’t of our own choosing.
Sometimes we even feel sad when a really good book or a TV series comes to an end. We may not want to depart from the characters we’ve become so acquainted with. Even when we believe ourselves to be spontaneous, we can see that with many aspects of life, in reality we are creatures of habit and with each experience of an end we are forced to build and create something new to keep putting our hope towards. This can take tremendous energy, and can be difficult and tiresome: which is why we are often reluctant to face it.
Apart from the daily dose or reflection, which can be a great form of rest and mind opening activity, we have the end of seasons that affect us going around us every year. Now, in fact, we are nearing that inevitable end of summer. The warm sunshine is giving way to more cool winds and leaves starting to change and fall off trees. School is back in session and soon in full swing and so is work bringing with it the end of the summer holiday lull.
Biologically speaking summer is a period of growth and recharging one’s body. Most fruits ripen in the summer. The sun is strongest in summer, filling us with Vitamin D. Aesthetically speaking, bright and longer days have a soothing effect on our psychology and our bodies naturally become more active in good and warmer weather. We spend more time outdoors making ourselves more active: walking, hiking, cycling, playing tennis, outdoor sports, etc.
With the ending of summer, we find the advent of the more difficult, colder season of winter, which steps in just after autumn makes way with its’ rain, fallen leaves, barren trees and cooler days. Though every ending brings a bit of crushed spirit, it also comes with tremendous possibility to bring in something new.
You have the power to envision your new. What do you want to change in this transition period to autumn? Take a few minutes to reflect and picture yourself in fall and winter, and then into spring and the following summer. Times goes by so quickly and in a flash another year is past, our kids are grown and we are older. What do you want to achieve in this year? What changes would you like to see?
Below please find a visualization I did a while ago to help you with any kind of anxiety felt during the ‘ends’ we all experience, giving you yet another tool of how to face whatever the unknown future you might be headed towards. And if you are one of the lucky ones, who knows what they want, this visualization will work for you too.

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A Different Kind Of New Year

A different kind of New Year

For those of us in studies currently, or with school-aged kids, September often feels much more like a true New Year than January. After all, September is when the school year begins for most and that new school year pretty much always signifies a new kind of beginning in a level up from the level before and often with the necessity of making new friends and reigniting with those friends from before.

This is a different kind of New Year from the one we traditionally celebrate every year, but it is no less important. This New Year is less about a massive celebration and more about putting things in order. That feeling might be created because we reach the end of summer, thus feeling refreshed and relaxed, or maybe because the return to school after a summer holiday normally comes with both excitement and anxiety (as I remember myself and see constantly from my kids). Going back through history, geographically and anthropologically, it is also an important time for a new cycle in agronomy. In September all major harvests are finishing and a new kind of work is beginning: the important work of preparing for the following year’s harvest.

Interestingly enough the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana also comes at around this time of new beginnings and fresh starts. This holiday, along with Yom Kippur, is the most significant holiday for the Jewish community. While it signifies new year, this is in a very different light than the commercial New Year we celebrate at the end of December. Rosh Hashanah is all about new beginnings and new chances, but above all changing the fate for the coming year yourself through your deeds, your penance for previous actions and thoughts and your asking for forgiveness. The belief behind the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) is highly embedded in the human practices and humans are highly inter-connected with the cycle of nature. Therefore, for the modern man, celebrating Rosh Hashanah does not necessary have to be a Jewish celebration, but only  a away to stay tuned to world’s energy and interact with that energy.

It’s no surprise then that spiritual organisations, like the Kabbalah Centre, have as many non-Jews as Jews desiring to harness this spiritual energy for their betterment in the year to come. In fact the Kabbalah Centre can boast well-known members such as Madonna, Guy Ritchie, Ariana Grande and Marla Maples: all wanting to plug into the spiritual energy of the possibility for a the better year to come.

I have always been fascinated by the world of religions and how they adapt to modern times. What I find especially modern about this ancient ritual is the aspect of taking fate into your own hands. A main part of Rosh Hashanah, which just finished this year, is related to affecting your next years fate by prayer, being thoughtful, mindful and above all asking for forgiveness and realising that you need forgiveness.

With my clients I have found that many complexes we face, as significant hurdles in reaching the future we actually want, come from the inability to forgive ourselves or others. Forgiveness however is such a key act to moving on that it cannot be understated. To forgive yourself and others you need to acknowledge the actions that need to be forgiven and you need to let them go. Imagine the work that comes with really being able to “let go” of something that has plagued us for years perhaps, sometimes even decades. Now imagine truly and completely letting go of this something so much so that you can really move past it. How much lighter do you feel now? For some people, the past that they cannot move beyond keeps them stuck and unable to reach the future that they truly desire. But it is only through this act of forgiveness and letting go that we can truly move beyond and reach the life that we dream of.

Through forgiveness and letting go, you demonstrate that you are not just a reactionary being, but a proactive human who can decide and be held accountable to this decision. Taking that responsibility upon yourself relieves the strain of conflict you may have had with other people, because if you can forgive yourself, you see others in  that same vulnerable human light, enabling you to forgive them and love them at the same time for who they are.

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In this crazy mad world, only you can help…yourself to become the stable pillar.

Looking at the news these days, admittedly, it is hard to stay calm. I have two young, beautiful daughters who with curious eyes ask me what is happening in Syria and why there is still so much war and fighting in the world. Both of them, when given the opportunity to make wishes, wish innocently for “world peace”. As a mother, I sometimes don’t know what to say to these innocent wishes. Surely I too can still remember the day when I too believed in the possibility of World Peace. And still much of what I do now has the aim of bringing enough happiness into this often lonely world so that through the “butterfly effect” we create a kinder, more loving world to live in.
This week it seems that spring time is finally coming to London: trees are blossoming with colourful flowers and grass is growing greener everyday. With the sun warming my face and people looking happier with the beginning bloom of spring, it can be hard to notice that a kind of madness seems to have taken over the world these past years. There is persistent war, incessant terrorism and a rise in overall violence. If that wasn’t enough, there are even children shooting other children and spouses killing each other. Not that violence is a new thing in our world of course, but how much of this kind of hate can we really stand?
We’ve had so many scares in the past decade, lived through terrorist attacks and constantly increasing incidences of instability, both in violence and in politics. Just in the past few years, we’ve chosen extreme politics as a cry for help to try to change this often crazy world, but so far it is not becoming less crazy.
We have no choice but to accept the times we live in and the complexity of issues surrounding us. We have to be able to open our eyes to the suffering of our time as well as to the world’s increasing loneliness and unhappiness, and through that acceptance turn our attention inwards and build that stability we seek from the outside, inside of us. 
Perhaps it is only through acceptance and understanding of the nature of the world that we, humans, are ourselves responsible for creating, only then can true change  occur and that change can only happen if it happens organically from within… 
Imagine how much more our way the world will seen if we stop expecting others to change, behave better, be more rational and so on, but instead learn to accept them as they are (warts and all) and simply help them to become cognisant of their best selves so that they can reach and become that. We can also become our own stable pillars for ourselves, our children, family friends and the world. When the big picture starts to fail us, why don’t we try to narrow it down to what we have right in front of us and try to see the beauty of the world in that specific singularity: our child, our friends, our partner, our job, our home and, of course, ourselves.

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand 
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower 
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 
And Eternity in an hour”
William Blake

We may not have the power to stop war immediately or to put an end to terrorism or violent crime right away, but we have the power to strengthen ourselves in this sometimes painful dangerous world and find that safe haven within. Maybe our responsibility to humanity is to find strength to really grown from within, organically remove war from our own mentality and be victorious in that way.
On the practical side, if you struggle to stay calm, I always encourage my clients to allow themselves a few minutes of alone time, a time to shift the perspective through a little exercise of visualisation which you can see here : My Stress Management and Confidence Boosting practice is almost as busy as my Love Coaching practice now. And of course, part of staying strong to oneself includes staying healthy physically and mentally, which is why I’m a Holistic Therapist as well as a Love Coach. So to discuss how I can help you too, book a free 30 minute call with me here:

Visualise your future: free guided 10 minute visualisation

Hi there,
You’ve had quite a few different newsletters from me in the past weeks loaded with content and information. So this week, I’m giving you a nice and easy one packed instead with some ready-made relaxing help: a guided visualisation. Did you know that visualisation not only helps athletes and performers perform better, but it also can boost confidence, help you to achieve your goals faster, help you to overcome fears and anxieties, make you happier and more productive, helps you to boost inspiration and creativity and so much more. Plus visualisation has been linked with helping terminally ill people (including Cancer patients, stroke victims, heart attack sufferers and others to miraculously get well again). I would say that visualisation is pretty much the magic we’ve been searching for. But don’t just take my word for it, check out this article I found about the benefits of visualisation if you need more proof, along with countless others you can find by googling the topic:
So now here’s your chance to try visualising out for yourself: close your eyes, sink into your chair, bed or wherever you might be listening to this and allow you mind to take you wherever it feels you need to go. This is your time to let go, calm down, take a break, dream, visualise and elevate your mood … If you don’t believe that a short 10 minute visualisation can do so much for you, just watch (or rather listen to) the video and try it out for yourself. And once you’re beaming with the newfound felt empowering feeling of being able to create the future that you want for yourself, spread the love by sharing the video (and my website) with your friends.

The Best You Expo: why you should go & what should you see.

I’ll be honest: I’m kind of addicted to personal development. Ever since I began studying Coaching and then studied NLP and then Hypnotherapy and now Naturopathic Nutrition, I’ve been hooked on working on improving myself. So it’s no surprise that from last year when I began exhibiting at The Best You Expo, I knew that I felt right at home there. I felt the same this year at the MInd Body Spirit festival (another one that I plan to be at again next year). I’m now giving talks at quite a few self-development events about the health benefits of Connection as well as about the importance of loving oneself inside and out (meaning the importance of self-value and self-care).
Despite all of my rounds of talks, there’s something special and close to the heart for me about The Best You Expo. First of all, The Best You I feel is kind of where I took the big leap from just being another Coach to becoming the kind of speaker, author and motivator that makes things happen for my clients. In fact, it’s thanks to the NLP training I had with Richard Bandler with The Best You that I wrote my first book and that I had my first true possibility to speak in front of an audience of strangers with this new career leap I took some years back. So speaking and exhibiting at The Best You is just something that I feel called to do on so many levels. And I love it! But I also love the opportunity to meet many other wonderful speakers and exhibitors and to see them live. So here’s a small list of who we love and advise you to come and see and listen to at the Best You Expo on the 16th and 17th February at the Olympia in South Kensington. And of course, make sure you come and hear me speaking about the Importance and Power of Connection at 2pm of Friday the 16th and 1pm on Saturday the 17th of February in the Health and Lifestyle room, press here.

Buy your Best You Expo special priced tickets here (special code for those on my mailing list & social media only).

Paul McKenna : “The 3 things that will change your destiny”: 17th February 13:30, the main stage. 

Paul McKenna is one of the top hypnotherapists in the world, and is renowned for helping people treat the most difficult problems. He is definitely one to be heard.

Bernardo Moya: “The Question”: 16th of February 13:00, the main stage. 

Bernardo is not only an incredible mentor, a wonderful teacher and an icon of success, but he is also the founder of The Best You and a person for whom empowering others is a true heart-centered journey. I feel blessed and honoured to have worked with, and learned from, him. If you are looking for ways in which turn from passive to active this is the talk for you to go to. Bernardo will explain why he thinks the quality of life depends on the questions we ask ourselves. This is definitely one to go to!

Jason Vale: “Reignite the healthy fire within”: 17th February 12:00, the main stage

Jason, aka “the Juice Master” is renowned for making juicing as well known for its’ health benefits as it is. He’s speaking again this year helping us all to benefit from the incredible health benefit of juicing.

Judymay Murphy: “Finally collect what’s yours: 16 February 11:00, the main stage

Judymay was one of my own personal first coaches that helped me to begin my journey and to understand what my work was worth. Now she’s at the Best You Expo helping others to get started towards their dreams too.


Marie Diamond: “Secret to Success”: 17 February 11:00, the main stage.

Marie Diamond is a name well-known for years in the Success industry. Featured in “The Secret” books, she helps many well-known names to reach even greater success using the Law of Attraction. She is definitely one not to be missed!


Elliot Kay: “Elliot Kay workshop”: 16 February 12:00, Passion to profit room

As someone who’s heard Elliot speak on quite a few occasions, I can easily say that his workshops can be business altering, especially for those with businesses they’d like to grow, even if in the beginning stages. Elliot’s way of looking at strategy helps businesses thrive in just the direction they want to go.

Paul Boross: “Pimp your pitch”: 17 February 16:00, Best for Business room. 

Paul aka “The Pitch Doctor” is a whizz at taking a pitch and making it so much more. I’ve watched him in action on numerous occasions and am always impressed. You will be too once you realise just how important a well-crafted pitch could be to your business success.

Victoria Gerch: “Learn How to Create Professional Marketing Videos Using Your Smartphone”: 16th February 13:00, Best for Business room

Victoria is a whizz with a camera, even when it’s on a smartphone. As someone who’s been personally helped by Victoria’s fantastic tips on how to get a better video, I can vouch for how amazing it is to work with her. Anyone who uses video in their work should definitely check out her talk.

Cindy Galvin: “Discover The Platform For Success”: 16th February 15:00, Best for Business room

Cindy is a personal close friend and simply incredible woman! I’m honoured to know her and to be personal witness to her empowering journey. Cindy has come so far and has created her own success thanks to her ability to create that necessary confidence one needs to get into the high places in business. Now she shares her journey and her learning with the world. Not to be missed!

Louise Frances: “Find What Makes You Glow”: 17th February 14:00, Health and Lifestyle room

Louise is a friend, colleague and incredible person who’s done loads and overcome even more to come to a point of reaching her own personal dream. She speaks about helping stressed out individuals towards their own personal glow, something I definitely have a personal interest in hearing! 

Tea Guttsmann: “Children matters in court — 5 simple steps”, A Better World room

Tea is a personal friend and a beautiful person. Her mission to help children find a voice in court is tremendous and so necessary. Anyone with children should definitely come and hear her speak.

Florencia Serritella: Add some Latino to your life”:  17th February 16:00, Mindfulness and Wellbeing room

Florencia is a personal friend and a lovely, energetic and heart-driven person. She passionately shares her mission to help everyone find join in their life “the Latino way”!

Mikaela Jackson: “How to Self-Empower to Create a Career & Life You Love”: 17th February 13:00,  Empowering Women room

Mikaela is a friend and fellow Driven Woman member. She is a young inspiration and example of a woman living her dream, both in her personal and professional life. Mikaela shares how other women can do the same at her talk.


Hope you come and enjoy it!

The Day Of Fate

Hey you,
The other day as I was talking to my assistant about the way we spend our New Years she mentioned a very interesting custom that they have in Georgia. They celebrate something called the “Day of Fate”, which occurs after New Years on the 2nd of January.
This day acts as a special, unique day during which whatever you do then, and how you spend it, determines how the rest of the year will unfold for you. It is a custom which really takes the idea of “Fate” to another level: so that your Fate is not only in the hands of a superior power, but becomes more in your control and determined by your behaviour. Wow, what a tradition!
Hence, in Georgia, on this day just after New Year’s you do things which make you happy, you see people with whom you would like to spend your coming year, you make sure to pamper yourself and indulge in copious self-care, but also work on what is important to you and embrace the fate that the day has brought you. It is a gentle balance between embracing your mysterious destiny with just enough power over personal direction. This idea really struck me when my Assistant recounted the tradition to me. I began to consider the many reasons why one should commit to such a ritual and found not only spiritual or celestial reasons but above all psychological reasons .

The idea is to do something you love, something that is good for you and something that you should improve on in your year. 

Take a moment now, shut your eyes and try to imagine: if you had one day in a year which determined your fate what would you do? What do you want your life to be filled with in 2018? For Georgians this process has now become instinctive to really decide and understand what you want and entrust it to fate. This is a day, during which you can do what is truly meaningful to you knowing that if you do this on that day, you might actually pave the way for the coming year to hold more of it for you as well.  The idea is to do something you love, something that is good for you and something that you should improve on in your year.
My Assistant herself told me of her fate day: during which she spent a morning with her husband at home basking in their mutual love and connection, spent time with close friends and family and spent time working. She decided to eat healthy to keep her mood positive. Amazingly, events unfolded naturally to assist her further so that she ended up invited last minute to another friend’s home where she met many new people and made some wonderful new contacts. Part of her day was planned by her; but the other part of the day was planned by Fate. The idea is to “surrender to the journey while keeping in mind an idea for the desired destination. Now my Assistant is ready to embrace the year of work (thankfully for me!), socialising with old and new friends and another happy year spent in harmony and Connection with her husband! Now imagine if we all could embrace something similar!
What about you? Does your culture, social group or family have any such customs? What about your plans for the destination for the coming year? New Year’s plans or resolutions? Share with us and we’ll share with you.

Share your 2018 plans and desires and we’ll give you a discount code good towards the purchase of my online product (click here) or a Hypnotherapy Confidence/ Self-value, Stress Management/ Unblocking past hurts or Weight Management/ Skin Session.

Next week we’ll also be sharing some of our big changes for the focus of the business for this coming day.
Stay tuned!

Don’t Miss Me At The Best You Expo

Hail Independence over Self!

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends, clients, and colleagues.

Today in America is the 4th of July: our day of Independence that is celebrated throughout the country with barbecues and days off of work. Even though at the moment I sit in the UK (the country that the United States celebrates winning independence from),

where I’ve lived for the last decade on and off, I spent much of my youth in America and still spend enough time there to feel myself an American. So I want to commemorate this day and congratulate you all who have any connection to the United States or this day!

It is indeed a wonderful notion to gain independence and announce oneself as a sovereign state to the world. But, as a Love Coach, I speak to clients and groups about a different kind of independence: an independence of oneself over circumstance.

In my work, I am confronted often with clients and people I meet who have lost that independence of self and have surrendered themselves, their moods, their realities, and their reactions to whatever circumstances creep up on their path. What I mean by this exactly can be witnessed by the vast majority of people who react to the situations of their environment and what life brings to them rather than creating a life that brings about the circumstances that they wish to draw into it.

A good example can be demonstrated by this tail of two lost packages.

Recently, two people I knew went through a similar situation but with two very different reactions. The first was a client of mine who was awaiting an important delivery that she needed for her business. She spent all day waiting for the delivery to arrive and even had to cancel client meetings that day to receive it. When it didn’t arrive, she spent hours on the phone arguing with the delivery company and the company that sent it to arrange a next day delivery. When she showed up at my office two days later completely livid over how much time this package had cost her only to be told that now she had to make a special trip to pick it up from the courier only to be told that they didn’t have it. She spent the entire session complaining about the package and couldn’t even focus on our session, and left in as much of a huff as she came in.

Some days later, I went to the talk of a prominent speaker in the community and heard a very similar package story. At least the story began in a similar way. It ended, however, very differently, as this man went on to describe how he changed his natural frustration when he realised that the negative energy wasn’t serving him. Instead of allowing this negative circumstance to infect his mood and his state of mind, he decided to see it as a test and a small obstacle in his path that he could control. Once he took the power onto himself and decided that he had the ability to create his own reality, and thereby the result that he wanted, he began to feel more empowered in this situation once again. He then took control (but not by shouting at the agents of the courier on the other end of the phone). Rather, he took control on a higher level and imagined the scenario that he wanted. He did this using a similar technique as I teach my clients in order to bring in the love that they long for. He did it with such complete faith and self-belief that it was no surprise to him when the courier arrived at his door several hours later with the supposedly lost package (conveniently when he was already at home to receive it), even though he’d been told that the package was lost and was still being tracked just hours earlier on the phone.

I was so impressed with this effective technique, that I called my client immediately and relayed exactly how this man had described of his technique. I myself used the technique often to bring about long-term visions for my life that I’d wanted, as well as to help my clients to channel the partner they wanted into their life, but I’d never considered that it could be used in this simple way as well. At first, my client resisted saying that it would never work. But she’d seen many of my strange techniques materialise into big changes in her life before so she agreed to give it a shot. I received a call from her some days later and she sounded more elated than she had in weeks during our sessions. She couldn’t believe how effectively the technique had worked and asked me to spend the entire next session demonstrating to her how she could use a similar technique to take control of her entire life, especially her love life. She wanted to become independent of her circumstances and to own her own reality: something she’d only just realised that she could do.

This kind of independence is the kind that brings us true joy and freedom in life. Once we realise that we can own our own reality and are not slaves to our circumstance or to the situations that occur around us, then we are truly independent beings free of anything that claims dominion over us and our moods. A mean boss or a grumpy coworker or nasty neighbour can no longer affect us in the same way. Even the moods of our partner or our children have no sway over us as we now understand that we have complete control over our own reactions. By letting situations or circumstances around us control us, we give up our personal independence and allow ourselves to be swayed like a flag in the wind. If we claim our own independence, however, we no longer have to worry what life brings us, as we instead channel in what we want it to bring.

If you too want to discover the magic of creating your own destiny, as my client above did, schedule a free call with me to find out how I can help you to create the life and love life that you really want.


Awakening Through Tragedy

Last week another terrorist attack rocked Europe. This time, however, it took place right in the heart of London, not very far from the Centre where my office is.

The aftermath of the London attack, which took no longer than 80 seconds, left people puzzled, angered, afraid, and confused. My immediate reaction upon hearing the news of more attacks — this time so near to us — was one of fear and sadness.

When such events take place, they have the effect of awakening us, of giving us a moment of clarity that leaves no space for judgement, no matter how brief that moment is, it is a moment of complete powerlessness as if acknowledging the mysterious way in which one’s life can be seized as we know it, in less than a minute. Such events have the power to really bring people together, put things into perspective, and question the people that we surround ourselves with. Such a situation is an awakening reminding us to cherish the life that we’ve been given, to take a moment to reflect on what has just happened and why, and to ask ourselves this question: if i had only a day left to live, would i live my life differently?

Every one responds to such tragedies in their own way: psychologically, politically, vengefully, protectively etc. As a Love Coach, I generally respond from the point of view that I believe in… that of love. And if I were to ask myself that question, and I did, I knew that I would have wanted my day to be one where I surround myself with my family, kids, friends, and loved ones: people who are dear to me in a place that is meaningful to us, doing something that gives me joy. In my eyes, everything that gives you joy can only come from a place of love…

From my experience, it is where love is lacking that anger, aggression, and violence have space to set in and threaten the world we live in. In other words, love is really something we need desperately more of to cure the hostility and anger that lies in the outskirts and threatens to destroy this beautiful world which has come so far, but which has sacrificed greatly in the process.

Our world has moved foreword in so many amazing ways, but as individuals, have we given in too much to individuality and lost too much in the area of collaboration and partnership… and love? If we were to clean ourselves of our fears, complexes, insecurities, our anger and mistrust of those who are different, etc would we still see so much reason to fight against each other, or would we rather revel in love and joy and find a way to work together for the mutual gain of everyone involved?

Perhaps the issues of the world are too big to fathom and to solve, but what about our own individual issues? What about those arguments we fall into that split us from those we love? What if instead of fighting, we sought to really listen and understand the other’s point of view and to find a middle ground that makes both parties happy? What if starting at home with our loved ones, our friends, our partners, our children would then allow us to practice the skills we need to help us to do the same later on a slightly bigger scale: such as at work during conflicts with our bosses and colleagues; or an even bigger scale, such as issues between companies, between big corporations and disgruntled employees, and yes an even bigger scale of the issues in the world.

Perhaps I’m a dreamer, but I really do believe that it is Love and compassion for each other that will solve the many issues now plaguing this world. Maybe it’s a difficult and long road to climb still but the beauty of life’s mystery is that in between the things that we have less control over as simple individuals, we are free to live our lives as we wish, and to control our own actions and ways with others. If we can choose our reaction to the action of those in our lives, why not choose the reaction of love. And maybe somehow the “butterfly effect” will help our way spread to put even a small sprinkle of healing love into the fractured world we live in.

Want help to understand how to solve your own individual conflicts with love and compassion, or how to love yourself better? Schedule a free 30 minute call with Julia here.

How to Mend A Broken Heart?

Hi there,

I just want to say how pleased I was to see so many of you at the Best You Expo! What a great weekend that was!

When I was deciding of the topic for the Best You expo, I actually had two topics that I wanted to speak about in mind. The first one was the one that I chose and spoke about on Sunday: “Unleash Your Amazing Uniqueness,” which was all about reframing your mind in order to see your true best self in order to show it to others so that you can bring true, lasting love into your life.

The second topic was my attempt at reframing a certain issue that we all go through at some point in our lives: that of suffering from a broken heart. Many of my clients come to me at some stage of trying to find love again after a broken heart, whether years after or months. Even if you choose to end a relationship that isn’t working, it can still leave you with that feeling of unhealed scar tissue that won’t go away until you find a way to deal with it.

The reason I chose this topic was a story I heard that really moved and angered me: a woman I met some time ago confessed that when her husband left her 20 years ago, giving no explanation as to why, and receiving no answers to her questions – her heart broke into a million pieces and a complete distrust took over her. It was only her daughter that helped her to pull herself back together and continue. But yet, even 20 years later, this woman was unable to mend her broken heart and to stop herself from thinking of reasons why her husband may have left her for every night before falling asleep!

The story of this woman’s heartbreak brought me to tears. This broken heart left her so wounded that she gave up any future possibility of love and happiness. Her story showed me that heartbreak, if left untreated and untended, is a devastation for life! Hence, I decided to approach this topic at my next speaking event which is very soon: THIS WEEKEND!

I am dedicating this speech, which I will repeat twice during the day, to all hearts who have been broken and still feel the residue of pain :
“How to Mend A Broken Heart”


Hi there,

Marcus Aurelius once said  ‘Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking’. In NLP we use the term “reframing” to refer to a change of mindset so that a negative thought or idea can be reframed to be considered in a more positive outlook and life can be lived to its fullest.

For example, imagine a picture beautifully hanging on a wall. No matter how amazing that picture might be, whether it has a physical frame to it or not, the image is framed. It has an outline of its size and shape and it is that frame that gives the picture a certain life. In a similar way, we live our lives within a certain frame which has been established for us most likely by past history and by what we’ve been told is practical and reasonable. We are never taught that we can change this frame or even get rid of it altogether.

As a Love Coach, I very often use this NLP method of reframing and have decided to follow the same idea in my upcoming Best You Expo talk on 5th March at 12pm in room 3 (stand 12 for the Expo duration). Have a look at my video below and come and hear me help you re-frame your way of thinking about yourself and your ability to succeed and thrive in love. Learn to Unleash Your Amazing Uniqueness to create a life full of love and happiness as you never believed possible.

Gratitude Shortcut To Happiness!

Recently, my kids and I were ill. Starting from my younger daughter, and passing to each of us in turn, we all took turns being unwell. As I’d just finished the first level of a hypnosis course and I had much too much work to take time off to be sick. In my process of getting well again, I began to value more something I hadn’t necessarily paid too much attention to for a while up to then: my health.

It’s interesting how we tend to pay more attention to something when it’s missing than when it’s as and where we expect it to be. As a Love Coach, I find this often with people who come to me in relationships that they feel are no longer working. “Well, what do you like most about him,” I generally ask my clients as we begin our work together.

It’s interesting how many clients, when they arrive, can express so much more easily what they don’t like than what they do like about their Partner. As we dig through the layers, it’s easy to see that one of the reasons why they find themselves unhappy with their partners is the fact that they are focusing more on what makes them unhappy than what makes them happy. Not surprisingly, their relationship strongly improves as we transfer the focus onto what they do like. Suddenly, they begin to remember why they chose to be with their Partner in the first place and what they value most about him.

Focusing what is working in your life brings you closer to enjoying it.

In the same way, the more my kids and I focused on how miserable and sick we felt when we were ill, the more ill we felt. It was the adding of a gratitude meditation and thanking the universe for my general good health and imagining myself well again that made the biggest difference. I tried this with my kids too. “What did you like most about when you were healthy,” I asked them? “What will be the first thing we’ll do together when we’re all healthy again”? By focusing on being healthy, rather than on being ill, we were able to pull ourselves into good health again faster.

This focus is true for the use of language as well. Both the hypnotherapyfoundation course I just finished and the NLP course I did last year taught us to avoid using the word “don’t”. So if you want your husband to remember your anniversary this year, rather than saying “don’t forget our anniversary this time,” try “honey, I’m really looking forward to what you’re planning for our anniversary this year” (said in the right tone of course). Any man, who still cares enough about his wife to want to make her happy, will take the hint and deliver gladly just to witness your excitement and appreciation for what he arranges (make sure to give it amply if you want more of the same in the coming years, even if you don’t love what he arranges).

Gratitude should be used abundantly in both the way you think and the way you speak.

According to the Law of Attraction, we tend to attract what we think, whether it is positive or negative and whether it is thought consciously or even very unconsciously. As humans, we have a tendency to focus on what we feel is missing in our lives, or in the people we are close to or intimate with. The result is that the more we focus on what is inadequate, the more unhappy we become with our lives. Gratitude is a way to turn that feeling of “not good enough” on its’ heel and to force us to look for that which we value.

Now that we’re celebrating the festive holidays and the New Year, it’s a great time to think about what we value most in our lives and in the people that we are close to. When I spend time thinking about what annoys me about my kids, they seem to become more annoying. However, as soon as I consider the many aspects of their unique and interesting personalities that I adore, I suddenly realise again just how special they are, and how grateful I am for having them.

Gratitude has the magic ability to help us see the world through rose-coloured glasses, suddenly becoming keenly aware of how beautiful and wonderful it really is. Wouldn’t you rather see things that way than through the other glasses that come from complaining and irritation: those that leave your life feeling empty and your soul constantly wanting?

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” — Thornton Wilder

I wish you happy holidays,

~ Julia

Happy New Year Tips !

Hey you,

It’s almost New Year’s Eve and if you’re feeling dread at spending it without a Partner, I’m here to show you how a new year brings new opportunities and how you can turn those opportunities into gold – in your Love life that is, though you can actually use these tips for any part of your life.

New Year’s Even could be your chance to meet that special someone, or to improve on the relationship that you already have. The coming new year is also your best chance for starting fresh and for creating your own success story. For tips on how, watch this video

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Fear of hand levitation

Hey you,

If you have been following my newsletters or blog you will know that last month I had two big talks that I was rather nervous about.  As I said before, the fear of speaking at these two significant events (at least for me) was there; and while I shared my emotions and feelings prior the talk, now that I’m done with them, I can confirm just how amazing and gratifying the feeling of giving those talks actually was. It was even more gratifying because I was able to surpass that fear and the anxiety caused and get out there and do a fantastic job. Many people even came up and thanked me for the talks, which made me feel even better. But even without that, I knew once I’d done it that I’d worked hard and I’d done my best on the day.


The thing about fear and anxiety is that it’s real, it’s out there, and it’s a part of us that has the power to either hold us back or move us forward. There are many ways in which all of us either walk around fear, avoid the causes of it altogether, or throw ourselves right at it in an attempt to surpass it and to conquer it so that it loses its power over us. I would like to place myself in the latter category; I don’t like the idea of anything holding me back from achieving my dreams.


When I started my hypnosis course, for instance, I had a distinct fear of doing any kind of practice with levitation. This came from my past when I’d attempted to learn hypnosis for the first time when I was only 11. I’d taught myself all of this intricate technique that I’d learned in a book and decided to try it out on some camp mates at the summer sleep-away camp where I was for the summer. I failed drastically, not surprisingly when I tried to demonstrate hand levitation, and I was teased about how silly I was event thinking that I can do it. This teasing continued for almost my entire month there. Needless to say what remained with me was how much I hate sleepaway camp (I won’t even send my kids to one) and also what a failure I was at hypnosis and especially at levitation. Fast forward many, many years. I have wanted to study hypnosis ever since I was 11 and it’s taken me more than 2 decades to finally go for it. This past weekend we studied none other than hand levitations. I felt the old fear of failure returning to me, but I went ahead and did it anyway. To my great surprise, it worked! In fact, everyone in the course was distinctly nice to me about my hypnosis technique, as I was nice and complementary in return. My tutors too complimented how I did and my confidence in learning this subject that I’d wanted to learn for over two decades returned.


I was not born at all brave. In fact I trained myself to reach that level because as soon as I started to reflect on my life I found out that things I was not happy about didn’t just happen to me, but rather it was my fear that prevented me from changing them. I would never learn hypnosis if I didn’t get over my fear of failure and go for learning it, and I would never become a great motivational speaker if I didn’t just go for it and get onto that stage.


Often, as I’ve seen with myself and my clients, many of our fears and anxieties come from our past experiences. These fears stop us from living out our dreams, but are often not based in reality at all, but rather in our memory of a warped reality based on a very small sample size. I’ve worked with quite a few clients now helping them to get over their fears and insecurities around relationships. If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you too, schedule a free 30 minute call with me by clicking this link:


Our energy works like a magnet, attracting whatever we put out there. In the time when I allowed my fear of failure to win over mjuliamymy decisions, I didn’t act and what I attracted was just obstacles keeping me far from my life goals. Therefore part of my work on myself included understanding that magnetism which we all carry and rewire myself to attract things that I love and that I want, and not what comes regardless of my desires. As I Love Coach I’ve researched feminine magnetism that attracts attention and respect: two qualities that can often be overshadowed by fear in highly masculine society. Modern women, who have awakened and embraced their femininity, have also entered the undiscovered field of magnetism. It is thus that I was delighted to accept an invitation to participate in the “Master Your Magnetism Series’ hosted by Success and Lifestyle Coach Lauren Joyce. I invite you all to check it out, completely free of charge, dive into the journey of discovering your magnetism. Please Press Here


I’m also running a series called “Attract Authentic Love” helping women to use the right energy and take the right actions to attract the love they really want and be the “Chooser” in their love story. You can find out more and sign up here.

I get nervous too

I’ve been speaking in front of people for years. I do it often when I run my workshops, when I run introductions to my workshops, and when I collaborate with others helping them on their workshops and speaking events. Even in my past life, as a Marketing Manager and Consultant, I would speak to groups of both colleagues and perspective clients in order to promote my product. So you’d think I should be really good at it and not nervous at all. So not the case!

In fact, this summer I took a fantastic course that taught me how to become a better speaker and an NLP Trainer. Several of my new friends from the course said that I spoke well; but I didn’t feel good about my speaking attempts and I was even somewhat down about it. Fast forward several months that I’ve spent entirely devoted to working on the book I’m trying hard to finish before the end of the year and I’ve suddenly emerged to realise that I have quite a few speaking gigs coming up this and next month which I am starting to feel rather nervous about.

It’s a funny thing these nerves that get us just at the moments when we’re getting closer to what we really want to achieve and when that achievement is what matters most towards reaching the next goal that will propel us forward to reach towards that pinnacle that we’ve been climbing towards. I’ve been working for over a year now with the vision of myself helping women all over the world to achieve their love goals. Part of that vision is my one to one coaching (which is my staple and which I love as I love working with women and watching them blossom with happiness and love as it’s achieved).

Another part of my vision are the workshops that I began giving just before the summer (you can sign up for my upcoming free workshop below). Yet another part of that vision is finally writing and finishing my book (which I work on diligently almost every day to make sure that it’s done in time for my personal-set deadline). And the final and very important part of my vision is the one that is causing me the most nerves at this particular moment: speaking in front of groups of people and helping them realise just how close they could be to achieving their goals of finding, feeling, and keeping love.

This month I have several of my most significant speaking opportunities yet. I’ve worked for over a year to be in a position to have these opportunities, yet the closer I get, the more nervous I become. Maybe part of the problem is my having watched so many incredible speakers in my time of trying to make myself better. How can I ever hope to reach the likes of Richard Bandler or Tony Robbins, I tell myself? How can I ever be good enough? And who am I really to speak to all of these amazing people, many of whom have so many better stories to tell and so many more feats that they’ve accomplished, than I have? Throughout my journey to help others, I am constantly humbled by the stories of people who have come so far but yet don’t realise just how incredible they really are. I wonder if I am really good enough to help them. Yet, even in all of my self-doubt, something keeps calling me forward and stopping me from hiding myself from this mission I’ve somehow taken on as my own. Perhaps that is why I put myself forward for these speaking opportunities that make me wonder if I’m really good enough and that fill me with nerves.

Perhaps there is a lesson in my own self-doubt for those of you still reading who doubt yourself being good enough to find someone who will love you. We all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses. I have plenty of the latter and I am proud of how human I still am even after so much work on myself and even after putting myself bravely forward to help others to help themselves. I am still flawed; I still get nervous; I still fail; and I still make mistakes. Just like you reading this mailer. And you like me are just as worthy of love, of affection, of nurturing, of your dreams becoming a reality as those people that we constantly compare ourselves with. No one is better; no one is more worthy. Everyone begins their journey from nowhere and gets somewhere. The trick is just to believe in your own self-worth and not to quit along the road that leads to where you want to be just because someone thinks they know you well enough to tell you that you aren’t worthy of what your heart secretly knows you’re worthy of.

Maybe I haven’t met you yet, and maybe I have. Either way I know already that you are incredible. You are beautiful in your own way and you are most worthy of everything that you wish to achieve and all the love that you dream of holding. If you are still not sure and you need help finding it, I am here for you. Schedule a free call with me to learn how we can work together to move you towards your personal love goals by emailing and putting “Better Love Story” in the subject line. I’ve already helped many women just like you to learn to love themselves better, to improve the love story that they were already living (or to help them decide when it was time to leave and pursue a new one) and to create a brand new love story that makes them feel happy and fulfilled. Schedule your free call or join my upcoming free workshop by clicking here. I know that together we could help you achieve that ideal love success that you so long for.

The one choice you always have is your attitude

Hey you,

As I wrote in the newsletter few weeks ago, there is quite a lot happening politically in the world these days that may make you feel insecure or uncertain about the future. You may feel that you don’t have control of your actual present right now or your future as it’s in flux with the constantly changing political climate. You feel stuck as you don’t know what’s going to happen. Maybe your job also feels uncertain as you don’t know where your company will be, depending on what happens with the politics of the moment. I understand how you feel as the present and the future both seem indeterminate and dependant on variables that are seemingly outside our control. There is so much happening in the world that can make one anxious, in particular if we want to make plans for the future and that is just not possible without first seeing what happens in the present. The politics isn’t only in Europe now either but also includes the many changes that are likely to take place in the Unites States with the upcoming election.

Right now the attitude that dominates is one of uncertainty; but uncertainty brings with it opportunity. I am also not happy about everything that’s happening politically now, mainly because I’m worried about what it will mean for my future and the future of my children. However, no one can control our life as we can. We choose our attitude and how we will wake up feeling every morning. Whatever happens politically, we still have the main control over our lives and especially over our reaction and our attitude.

Choose your attitude: when you wake up, you decide whether to be grumpy or to smile. You decide whether to be demotivated at work because you’re not sure that any of it will matter anyway long-term or whether to project yourself as a successful and proactive worker.  Play with the tools that life is giving you, give your best at work, be proactive, creating or suggesting solutions to your co-workers or bosses. Helping them to see the positive side will help you to get over the entire situation, will showcase you as proactive, and will inevitably help you and your company to be more successful (whatever happens).
You also still have full control over creating your ideal love story and your relationship. Give to the relationships you have fully, offering words of support and a sympathetic ear: to your friends, your partner, your children, your family. The need for love is everywhere and you have the ability to be the one who gives it. Be the chooser in your own love story, and in your own life story as well. Politics is just something that is here as an obstacle right now; but it is you inevitably who control your own destiny