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Three key questions to asks ourselves during Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is meant to be a time shared with family and friends filled with hugs and laughter and carolling. The same is true for Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights that normally precedes Christmas and where Hanukkah songs are sang and dreidel games are played between children.

This year, however, due to the current situation, […]

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How To Connect To Positivity And The Bigger Picture : Guided Meditation

After so many weeks/ months of quarantine, we are reaching a stage of being tired of staying home while still intermingled with fear of truly returning to normal. Questioning of the lockdown is increasing. While restrictions are easing in many countries, many still wonder how much longer this will last and the effect on the […]

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Staying positive in this strange time of uncertainty

Life throws us curve balls on a regular basis that we may not always know what to do with. Some are good ones that lead to much better things: like promotions and proposals. Some are bad ones that are painful and difficult to be a part of: like deaths of loved ones and illnesses we […]

Visualisation for new beginnings

As humans, we feel emotional when an end of any sort approaches. When we finish university or any kind of long study, we feel a sense of nostalgia over something which may have felt stressful and difficult at the time but when finished feels sad at the ending, mixed with trepidation combined with joy of […]

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A Different Kind Of New Year

A different kind of New Year
For those of us in studies currently, or with school-aged kids, September often feels much more like a true New Year than January. After all, September is when the school year begins for most and that new school year pretty much always signifies a new kind of beginning in a […]

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In this crazy mad world, only you can help…yourself to become the stable pillar.

Looking at the news these days, admittedly, it is hard to stay calm. I have two young, beautiful daughters who with curious eyes ask me what is happening in Syria and why there is still so much war and fighting in the world. Both of them, when given the opportunity to make wishes, wish innocently […]

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Visualise your future: free guided 10 minute visualisation

Hi there,
You’ve had quite a few different newsletters from me in the past weeks loaded with content and information. So this week, I’m giving you a nice and easy one packed instead with some ready-made relaxing help: a guided visualisation. Did you know that visualisation not only helps athletes and performers perform better, but it […]

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The Best You Expo: why you should go & what should you see.

I’ll be honest: I’m kind of addicted to personal development. Ever since I began studying Coaching and then studied NLP and then Hypnotherapy and now Naturopathic Nutrition, I’ve been hooked on working on improving myself. So it’s no surprise that from last year when I began exhibiting at The Best You Expo, I knew that […]

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The Day Of Fate

Hey you,
The other day as I was talking to my assistant about the way we spend our New Years she mentioned a very interesting custom that they have in Georgia. They celebrate something called the “Day of Fate”, which occurs after New Years on the 2nd of January.
This day acts as a special, unique day during which […]

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Hail Independence over Self!

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends, clients, and colleagues.

Today in America is the 4th of July: our day of Independence that is celebrated throughout the country with barbecues and days off of work. Even though at the moment I sit in the UK (the country that the United States celebrates winning independence […]

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Awakening Through Tragedy

Last week another terrorist attack rocked Europe. This time, however, it took place right in the heart of London, not very far from the Centre where my office is.

The aftermath of the London attack, which took no longer than 80 seconds, left people puzzled, angered, afraid, and confused. My immediate reaction upon hearing the news […]

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How to Mend A Broken Heart?

Hi there,

I just want to say how pleased I was to see so many of you at the Best You Expo! What a great weekend that was!

When I was deciding of the topic for the Best You expo, I actually had two topics that I wanted to speak about in mind. The first one was […]

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Hi there,

Marcus Aurelius once said  ‘Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking’. In NLP we use the term “reframing” to refer to a change of mindset so that a negative thought or idea can be reframed to be considered in a more positive […]

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Gratitude Shortcut To Happiness!

Recently, my kids and I were ill. Starting from my younger daughter, and passing to each of us in turn, we all took turns being unwell. As I’d just finished the first level of a hypnosis course and I had much too much work to take time off to be sick. In my process of […]

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Happy New Year Tips !

Hey you,

It’s almost New Year’s Eve and if you’re feeling dread at spending it without a Partner, I’m here to show you how a new year brings new opportunities and how you can turn those opportunities into gold – in your Love life that is, though you can actually use these tips for any part […]

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Fear of hand levitation

Hey you,

If you have been following my newsletters or blog you will know that last month I had two big talks that I was rather nervous about.  As I said before, the fear of speaking at these two significant events (at least for me) was there; and while I shared my emotions and feelings prior […]

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I get nervous too

I’ve been speaking in front of people for years. I do it often when I run my workshops, when I run introductions to my workshops, and when I collaborate with others helping them on their workshops and speaking events. Even in my past life, as a Marketing Manager and Consultant, I would speak to groups […]

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The one choice you always have is your attitude

Hey you,

As I wrote in the newsletter few weeks ago, there is quite a lot happening politically in the world these days that may make you feel insecure or uncertain about the future. You may feel that you don’t have control of your actual present right now or your future as it’s in flux with […]

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