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New singles night Fifty:Fifty gives a more balanced take on speed dating


Love coach Julia Keller tells Alex Bellotti about a monthly Islington singles event for the 35+ market where men and women attend in equal measure.


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Love Coach, Julia Keller, coaches career women with dating, relationships, and finding love: “The most important thing is to understand what you want from your life”.

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Time To Life Is Now

Ever since I’ve had the courage to truly pursue my long dream of becoming a Love Coach, I’ve found myself meeting the most incredible, interesting people who have the potential to be truly great and live a life that is amazing, but who find themselves stuck in one way or another, incapable of truly living or enjoying the life they find themselves in.

I have met men who fear commitment so much that even though they yearn longingly for that incredible love, marriage, and family, when it finally comes along smiling and beckoning towards them, they find every possible excuse not to claim that potential love that is right there in front of them. I have met them years later too, when that love is now someone else’s prize and they are filled with bitterness at that moment when they failed to act and claim that ideal life for themselves.

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Lucky To Grieve

lukcy to grieve

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Why so many women are single

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June 2015 – Driven Woman

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