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In Attract Authentic Love Love Coach Julia Keller takes you through three proven steps that have worked wonders for her clients. Julia talks about how she empowered her clients to use these tools, bringing true love into their lives. Through personal stories, client anecdotes, and step by step exercises in every chapter, Julia shows the way for any woman who is looking for true love with someone who adores her. In these pages you'll discover:

* How to love yourself better
* How being your amazing unique self will attract love
* How having standards encourages men to treat you better
* How becoming the best version of you will make a big impact on meeting men you actually want
* And more hidden secrets for bringing true love into your life

Open your heart to new possibilities and explore the stories in this book. You will find a treasure trove of real journeys where you will discover answers to your questions about life and true happiness.
This book contains the voices of twenty such women from different backgrounds and eight countries. Their stories are real. They will tear at your heart.

The aim of the book is to give women strength by knowing that they are not alone in their struggles. These brave women have opened up to reveal their secret hidden tragedies to help other women.
Placida who has brought these ladies together and encouraged them to tell their stories is a well-respected Business Coach, 3x International Bestselling Author.

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