• Week 1 Jan 17: Before you can begin to look for love, you need to find that ideal love inside yourself. This workshop begins with helping you become the best version of you in week 1 and loving yourself better.

•Week 2 Jan 31: is about helping your ideal love story come about by understanding what and who you want in it and how to help him to better see you and recognise that you're the one for him.

•Week 3 Feb 7: is about getting you out there to actually meet that ideal man.

•Week 4: Q&A Session to answer any questions you may still have

Julia Keller is a Transformational Love Coach. She empowers women (and now men too) to find and keep Authentic Love using her effective 3 step process:


Step 1: Start with yourself. We work on You first to prepare you for love, help you become the person that you are proud to be, and to help you to love yourself better.

Step 2. Know what you want. We help you define who you want to be with (even if it's who you're with already) and how to find, create, and keep lasting Authentic Love with this person.

Step 3. Put yourself out there. Open up to love and figure out where your ideal partner will be and how to create the ideal relationship with that person. We work together to help you to physically & emotionally take charge of improving your personal love story, throughout the process of meeting to dating to committed long-term relationship and beyond -- whichever place on the love cycle that you may find yourself at this moment.

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Q&A with Julia Keller

Honest Conversations With Quality Men