Julia Keller is a Love Coach for women over 30 who are serious about significantly improving their love life and becoming the owner of their ideal love and life story. She empowers women to rediscover their femininity, develop their inner self-confidence, grow their self-love, and learn how to meet amazing men, creating long lasting commitment, and achieving the kind of incredible life filled with love and fulfillment that they’ve always wanted. Meet Julia here!





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Julia Keller is a Transformational Love Coach. She empowers women to find and keep love using her effective 3 step process:

1. Start with yourself. We work on you first & help you love yourself better.

2. Help him see you. We help you define who “he” is & how to be noticed by the kind of man you want.

3. Put yourself out there. Physically & emotionally: throughout the process of meeting to dating to committed long-term relationship.



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