Julia Keller is a Love Coach for women over 30 who are sick of being single and are serious about significantly improving their love life. She empowers women to rediscover their femininity, develop their inner self-confidence, and learn how to meet amazing men, creating long lasting commitment, and achieve the kind of love life they’ve always wanted. Meet Julia here!

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Want to significantly improve your love life and change your single status for good, exchanging it for the kind of amazing relationship you’ve always dreamt of and feeling like a truly “Irresistible Woman”. Email me at juliakellercoaching@gmail.com to see if you qualify for a free love tune-up session.


Are you over 30 and sick of being single? Want to learn how to become that truly Irresistible Woman that amazing men are dying to get to know better? Join one of my upcoming live and online workshops.  

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Watch me live on Blab (a livestreaming channel). You can even call in and ask me questions: @JuliaKellerUK