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My new online program showing you how to

 Attract Love Into Your Life

Returning to traditional values, with a modern twist, to help you to find the true love that you’ve been searching for.

Course Structure:
Part 1. Value Yourself First.
Part 2. Attract what you want into your life.
Part 3. Get out there and get it.

This is a NEW 6 module online course, taking you step by step towards valuing yourself better, unleashing your femininity, figuring out what you want, how to attract it into your life and showing you how to go out there and get it to become the writer of your own ideal love story.
The course includes practical exercises, visualisations, cheat sheets and enacted scenarios to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be!
Most of the self development books and courses out there are interesting but too theoretical. They say the right things but do not teach you how to actually achieve them in real life.
That’s where this course is different!
The rules of dating and finding love have completely changed leaving both women and men confused. There are tons of books telling you how to become an independent, strong, empowered woman. That’s great but what happens when that independence leaves you alone? Why don’t we take a step further and add love to create interdependence through a happy and fulfilling relationship!
My program teaches you how to be true to you while manifesting true love into your life.

Learn from my mistakes. Read my story.

"I never thought I could feel pretty until I met you. Working with you has made me a happier person as I feel better about myself. Now I know that I have the power to meet that really right person as opposed to just going for anyone." ~Raj"

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Phase 1: Value Yourself First – As any important and life changing journey starts from yourself, this part consists of 2 modules teaching you how to better understand yourself realise what you’re worth.

Module 1: “Work On Yourself First” takes you through a number of exercises to help you realise your uniqueness and special strengths.

Module 2 : “Find Your Femininity” teaches you to unleash that  sensuality you have hidden within and to make use of your feminine strength in order to teach men how to treat you as you want to be treated without the need to nag.

Phase 2: “Attract What You Want Into Your Life”- Before you can attract anything into your life you must know what you want!

Module 1: Making the List (yes the magical list exercise which I have perfected throughout years of practice and which is a favourite with my clients. Whatever your opinion on creating lists might be (because you have not done mine yet) I’ve personally witnessed amazing miracles come about from the use of creating lists.  By creating the list you allow yourself to tap into what you really want.

Module 2: Creating Filters. There is no such thing as 100% but using filters gets you closest to what you actually need . The point of filters is to make sure that men who are no good for you are kept away, while men who will treat you with value allowed in even if they are not instantly recognised as the type you would normally go for.

– because the universe is always on your side, you only need to let it help you

Phase 3: Go out there and get it – Finally the most courageous part of all the course, its time for you to act!

Part 1: “Creating App Profile That Works” –  because we have to embrace modern times and accept that there is more than one way to meet people, I help you to create the perfect dating app profile completely tailored to your personality. The small things I teach you in this course will help you to get in touch with men that match your personality and values, sparing you from wasting time on those who are not your type.

Part 2:  “Talk To Him” -In this module you will see me act out five different scenarios  teaching you how to talk to him on a course, a  night club, a networking event and even a Supermarket!

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"Working with Julia, learning how to be more feminine, helped me improve my relationship in amazing and unexpected ways" - Raphaelle


I have recently published ATTRACT AUTHENTIC LOVE book based on the same methodology

"Brilliant book that tells it as it is. It takes you through the steps in a simple yet effective way. You will definitely know what you want out of a relationship and how to approach it by the end of it. A must read, I've already recommended it to all my friends"


•6 weekly modules accessible at any time after completing the program

•6 audio files you can listen to on your phone, car, computer etc

•Visualisations helping you to actualise your dreams and understanding of how you imagine your future to look like

•NLP practical exercises helping you to peal off those past layers that are blocking you from flowering

•Cheat Sheets for each and every module

•Highly discounted seat at the group workshop (coming out soon) designed to answer any questions you may have during the course.

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