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I’ve spent a lot of time sharing valuable dating insights with you and articles and stories of my clients. But as I constantly receive questions about me and how I came to do what I do, I thought that you too, who faithfully read my newsletter and/or blog every week, would also like to get to know me better. Hence, I’m sharing my story with you here. After all, it is only fair to reveal to you first the real reason behind why I became a Love Coach, and why I believe in Love, interdependence, and fulfilling, committed, monogamous relationships so much that I want to impact this belief on the world.

Once a upon a time there was a girl who hailed from one country to another, and once again from America to the United Kingdom. London turned out to be a lucky place and soon after she met her prince … only to realise that her fairy tale was taking a different turn…

But only by walking through greatest darkness can we find greatest light… Such was the case here as this woman once filled with one type of expectation then found another result far beyond what she’d ever expected, and a mission was born that continues to this day… You can read the rest of my story here  and if you want to know the story of pain, learning, and growth even deeper, you can find it in this revealing chronology of 20 brave women all sharing their personal love stories that Julia’s story is part of: the international Amazon bestseller “Love Unboxed”.

Read Julia's Chapter in this anthology

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