5 reasons you have not found the one (and what to do about it)

Are you thinking that’s a rather bold title? Well it’s the title of my recent article for the Cosmopolitan online magazine. In my career of love coaching I have developed a habit, which now has become a skill, to observe and narrow down the problems faced by my clients looking for love to some key issues as to why they have, up to now, been unable to find that love.

In this Cosmopolitan article, I pick the 5 most common patterns that work as hurdles for women to getting that love life that they want and give some quick fixes as to how to change this.

I’m sure you’ll have plenty of questions after reading this article, as well as a renewed desire to find that love you crave, so I’m soon to offer you more ways to get those questions answered.

First of all, you can find many answers in my book “Attract Authentic Love”, (here is the link to get it on Amazon) which highlights the three proven steps I use with many clients to bring that ideal love into their lives. You can also get some insight into how I work with clients on a one to one basis by booking a free call with me on the link below.

And coming very soon, you’ll be able to get many answers at a fraction of the price of my one to one coaching, by using my new self-study program and shortly coming group coaching program as well. Any questions about any of this can be answered by booking a free call with me and stay tuned for special offers available for followers of this mailing list and my social media only.

10 Minutes To Femininity

Btw most Mondays I stream live “10 minutes to femininity”, showing you how it does not take long or much effort to delve into that femininity that makes you more attractive to men. It’s a quick tip video about all the different aspects of femininity, including interviews with some experts. All brought to you live on Facebook on my page @coachjuliakeller. Enjoy and let us know by your comments if there’s anything specific that you’d like us to talk about.

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