It’s amazing how many things have changed since corona virus has become a part of our reality. Plans are constantly changing and 2 weeks is probably the maximum of time ahead we can plan ahead for, if even that. Flights are constantly being cancelled, as country regulations change constantly. We are warned about a possibility of a second wave and an abrupt return of lockdown measures wherever we are. So how do we cope in a plan-free world?

In this week’s interview, talk with two wonderful women: Aysha and Arusha, who very wisely point out that one of the positive outcomes of covid 19 has been exactly the feeling of letting go of the infinite attempts to control one’s life. Can it really be that the key to happiness in uncertain times (as this pandemic certainly has been) is just to let go? Perhaps, metaphysically speaking, my guests have a point when they say that the universe sent us this strange lesson on how to slow down and become watchers for a change, instead of active, constant, neurotic doers.

During this pandemic, both Ayshe and Arusha underwent Ramadan, maintained their careers, healthy families and positive outlooks of the future. One of the commonalities that both women share is that they have maintained strong ties to their community. On the one hand, we are unlucky to have fallen in this slither of time to experience the pandemic, but on the other hand, in no previous pandemics has the world been so connected as today, thanks to technology. Some may say over-connected even, but it is this connection that has allowed us to maintain ties to friends, family, work and community despite strict rules of no contact.

Although attending meetings online certainly comes with its own set of issues and sometimes requires great patience, it also allows us to maintain community ties while staying safe and healthy. Therefore, its seems that people who have had strong ties to the community, have managed to stay the healthiest and even benefit from the pandemic of 2020.

Watch these amazing women give you three tips each on how to keep going forward in times of crisis, which are beyond our control.