Distilling Aims & Managing Transitions with Declan Barry

In life we are constantly greeted with different transitions, some more difficult to face than others. Many of these transitions are not just difficult to face but they are also often unexpected and undesirable. While we have very little control over what is “done to us”, we have plenty of control over “what we do about it”. This includes even how we approach the challenge or situation.

In fact, how we approach difficulty or challenge of any kind is precisely what sets apart those who thrive versus those who just survive, or worse: don’t survive and get pushed under instead. State of mind (and our thoughts in general) are so key not just to our mental and emotion wellbeing but also to our physical health overall. In fact “How we think” is so key to ageing well that it is one of the main areas that we tackle in the “Slow Down Ageing in 12 weeks” series that I’m launching soon.

In this video about “Managing Transitions”, Declan Barry, an Executive Coach who helps clients to make the most of difficult transitions, explains why transitions are challenging but necessary and how we all can look at them as opportunities and make the most of them by working on how we approach these changes.

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