Love makes us happier than money & now there’s proof!

If you’re feeling unhappy and unsatisfied with your life, you are not alone, especially as the holiday season approaches, which, paradoxically, is a time when people become more aware of  their lonely feelings. If you’re thinking that what would make you happier than anything else at this time is to find a Partner who truly loves you, you are actually not far from the truth.

According to a recent study on happiness conducted by the London School of Economics, where approximately 200,000 people responded to a survey on what makes them most happy, happiness was shown to increase significantly with love happy relationships. Interestingly, the increase in happiness was far greater from finding love and having happy relationships than when people doubled their income. You can find more from this study here:

As a Love Coach, I’m not at all surprised by these findings. After all, I have quite a few clients who come to me feeling unhappy with themselves and with their lives in general, mostly either lonely in their singlehood and feeling stuck in the inability to find the love that they truly want, or unhappy in their current relationship. After completing a 3 month Love Coaching course, they leave feeling significantly better about themselves, their lives, and their chances of finding or improving love. Not surprisingly, they usually find themselves happily in love not long after (or often even during) our work together.

There has been quite a lot of research showcasing the importance of Love on Happiness. I find it interesting that many people will invest quite a lot of time and money on improving their career and financial situation, but will be unwilling to invest the same for their love life, when the latter clearly is what leads to greater happiness than increased income. The thing about increased happiness in general is that it has a great effect on overall well-being.

As my gut feeling has always dictated and now has seen confirmed by this research as well, the greatest hit to a person’s happiness is depression and anxiety, which after my study of psychology, coaching, and stress management (within the hypnotherapy course I am doing now), I have seen is closely related to feeling alone and, as a consequence, questioning one’s own self-image and self-worth. Many of the clients who come to me feel alone and question whether they are good enough to ever find Authentic Love. Through the work that we do together, they discover just how much they’re worth and their happiness and life-satisfaction level increases, as dictated by their own reports.

The main point of the study was actually a political and economic one, hence why it was conducted at the LSE and not by a Psychological institution. The point was to encourage the state to refocus its priorities from helping people to make more wealth to helping them create more wellness. This is something that I agree with because wellness brings in turn wealth, but wealth does not guarantee wellness! Perhaps this is a key attitude to adapt for life. If we would focus more on our personal emotional well-being, and would find ourselves closer to internal satisfaction and happiness, we would hence be more capable of reaching other goals in other areas in our lives.

If the unhappiest people are those who are depressed and suffer from anxiety and the happiest are those who have loving relationships with Partners who value them and who they value in return (hence Authentic Love), then the direct cure for unhappiness is love.

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