To Mask Or Not To Mask: That Is The Question

With the advent of Corona comes also the question of how to best protect ourselves from the virus. Recently an interesting debate has been happening: the one about whether masks actually help us to stay safe or not.

Well, in order to answer that question, I decided to conduct my own research. Unfortunately with all of the answers that I found, I actually found more questions as it seems that the answer of whether masks actually protect us from Covid-19 has experts on both sides just as strongly supporting their own point of view.
One thing for sure, the countries that have responded to the pandemic with asking residents to wear masks everytime they go out are among the lowest in incidences. Some governments have now made statements suggesting that citizens wear masks when heading out into public. But even this is not conclusive as these same countries with the lowest incidences were also just quicker to respond to this new danger. There are also those who say that masks stop the spread but only because those wearing the masks aren’t spreading the disease. So that if all of the residents of that country are wearing masks then the ones who are sick unknowingly aren’t spreading the virus.

Considering the debate, I decided to interview a friend who’s on the side of pro masks in this debate. Have a watch of our live interview and also of her video of how to make your own masks from scratch (no sewing machine required). Then have a look at how I make my scarf into a temporary mask when heading to the park.

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My Facebook live with my scarf mask:

Here is a video from a wonderful KKHaris: how to make masks from scratch!

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