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Recently, I shared a collaboration I did with another Coach, Lauren Joyce, who gathered several experts on love, relationships, dating, and female magnetism together to answer the question of what makes some women more magnetic than others and what all women can do to boost their own personal magnetism. In case you haven’t already seen the video with me, you can see it here on YouTube:

Being more Magnetic in Love is similar to being more Magnetic in Life in general. Having the ability to create the kind of life that we want to live uses similar skills as learning to attract the kind of love that we want into our lives. As sentient creatures, we all want to be more magnetic in our lives and to create the life and love story that we dream of. The video with Lauren gives some tips on how to make this possible.

As women, we want to be truly adored and admired by the special men in our lives. That feeling, when it’s missing, has the capacity to make us feel unhappy and empty inside. That’s why Love and all of the wonderful sentiments that it brings, is so important for us. Research has shown that feeling loved can significantly boost our level of satisfaction and contentment and our health overall, whereas feeling unloved or lonely has the opposite effect of lowering health and lifespan.

Lauren approached me as an Expert for her series because of my work last year helping women to Unlock their Irresistibility. That series has now ended, but now you too can benefit from the teaching by purchasing my five series workshop here:

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