Research and Realisation

As I mentioned on my video in last week’s mailer, I’ve been doing some very interesting research to try and understand What Men Really Want. Interview after interview and the learning from this research has began to take on a life of its own with dramatic and incredible results.

Armed with enough of a sample size to understand what works and what doesn’t — not just from what I believe, but also from what men have told me — I’ve helped women to improve their energy, their look, and their self-esteem and to flirt and come across as more desirable for men. I’ve also helped them to improve their online and swipe app profiles: both in how they appear and in what they say that gets noticed. This stuff really works!

At the same time, a good friend of mine handed me a book that further has added to what I teach clients. “This sounded like so much of what you say,” she told me, “so I knew you had to read it”. Seeing much of my own research and beliefs that I pass on to clients backed up by a well-known and highly-respected Therapist living and working in America for decades who gives talks and runs groups on the topic further gave me credence. She had come to the same conclusion that I came to and was delivering it as I was, with the same mission.

But there was an additional finding in her research which gave me a huge realisation. I had always believed that men and women have different roles in a relationship and that one should not try to be the other. But I had been puzzled by relationships that were very successful where the woman played the stronger role. Surely, I reasoned, there is something here that works and that I’m missing. The writings of Dr Patricia Allen gave me the realisation that I needed.

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As I’d always believed, the roles in a successful relationship should indeed be different for the masculine and the feminine partners in the relationship. However, a woman can play either one of those roles as long as — and this is the key — her partner plays the opposite role. Hence, a relationship can work with a woman taking either of the feminine or the more masculine role, so long as her partner takes the opposite role.

Since reading this, I’ve re-listened to the interviews and even edited my questioning slightly for the future ones. I’ve also changed how I help women to meet men, finding out first which role they prefer to play and keeping this in mind when I help them to meet the men that they are most interested in. Again, with dramatic results as now my clients are free to explore the role that feels more comfortable to them and not the one that has been prescribed to them by the society that they live in. Again, more work to help women to stay true to who they are while becoming the best and most irresistible woman that they can be.

To find out more about this work and the results of the interviews with men, schedule a free one hour discovery session with me and stay tuned for the next couple of months when I will bring you some of the key findings in each of the interviews that I make available.

I have now almost filled up my one to one coaching cycle beginning end of April and am only taking 2 more clients until the next cycle in June. If you feel that you have a compelling enough need to be one of these two clients, please respond to this email with “ideal love life” and a bit about your story and why you would like my help to create that ideal love life that you’ve always wanted. If you qualify, we will contact you to arrange a free discovery session.

For those who want to work with me and find out what it take to become a truly irresistible woman, you can sign up now to one of my upcoming workshops which I’ll be launching next month.

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