Rule 7: Belong to a Community !

Sadly, one of the repercussions of our fast-paced world of scrolling for the next best thing to distract us from whatever isn’t working, is that we often find our friendships superficial and our community lacking or non-existant. 

In the Blue Zones, community is one of the pillars of survival that longevity is built on. And community isn’t just a superficial group of people you exchange pleasantries with every once in a while in a group setting you attend when there’s a religious festival or some kind of celebration. It’s a group that you meet with regularly that actually and truly has your back. 

In the Blue Zones, almost all of the surviving centenarians interviewed belonged to a faith-based community. Apparently, attending a faith-based service in a community of people you’re friendly with once a week can add up to 14 years to your life. Wow, no one told you that when they tried to get you to go to services!

Community also adds a feeling of belonging somewhere, so that you have a group of people who are happy to see you and ask about you even when you’re older and alone (or younger and alone, whatever the case may be). There is no substitute for that feeling of belonging somewhere, especially with a community of people who know you well.

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