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Yesterday was Halloween, and as I grew up in the US and I have small kids who still love the holiday of “trick or treating” and dressing up, I spend a part of my late afternoon out with them knocking on doors and asking for candy (yes that’s what Halloween is about). While out with my kids, I began thinking about my clients and the people I know who don’t go out looking for other dressed up demons, but who live a life shrouded by their own personal ghosts.

Clients come to me on a regular basis lost for how to love again after past hurts or covered in hidden feelings of inadequacy and previously unspoken of fears that they’re not good enough to be loved. These ghosts of past broken hearts and traumas that often go back to when they were little then become barriers that sit with them stopping the love that they want from coming in. My mission then becomes one of a modern “Ghostbuster” to help them to dispel myths that have ceased to suit their hope for that ideal love that they have in mind.

Once the ghosts are allowed to die forever, that move towards living the ideal love life that they really want begins. I love helping my clients to dispel these ghosts and to let them go forever once the realisation strikes that they have been holding them back from living the life that they ideally want.

As I can only work with so many clients on a one to one basis, and as some clients asked me to create a more affordable option of working with them, I began to offer workshops on certain topics. This past spring’s 5 week series, “Unlocking Your Irresistibility” is now available for purchase here:  for only £25 for the entire series.

Next year will be the year of attracting authentic love and we will be beginning our series in January. You can find more details below.

In line with Halloween we would like to offer all our loyal readers and their friends a scary discount for joining the series prior to its official launch. Halloween tends to bring ghosts and demons to the surface (or at least makes it ok for us to pretend for a night). Uncovering these demons is required in the midst of searching for love in order to allow ourselves to let them go for good. Sometimes finding love brings other demons out in us as well: demons that are not supporting us but only put a spell of negativity all over us. That spell of self-pitty, self-judgement, lack of confidence and above all the spell of fear are in need of an antidote and that antidote is here!

Lately, all of the positivity that I and my team have had with the work that we’ve done, collaborating with some amazing people, have brought fruits of success. These came only after we were able to face our own fears and take the antidotes that came to move beyond them into reaching our dreams. In the mood of growth I would like to offer my share of help to you and those friends that you feel close enough to want to help and share with. I’m offering you and any friends that you recommend a 50 percent of discount to my upcoming “Attract Authentic Love” workshops: this is available for both the in person or online workshops and you take advantage by entering the code FRIENDS (all caps) at checkout when you book. Look for the booking links below to book now as this discount is only available for a limited time.

Need help to let your personal ghosts go permanently? Schedule a free 30 minute call with Julia to see how she can help you to let go of the ghosts that hold you back from that ideal love and life that you wish to have.

Think you can’t afford coaching, but really would love to improve your love life? Inquire about our new payment plan or consider joining our upcoming series at a fraction of the price of one to one coaching.

Interested in finding out more about my upcoming “Attract Authentic Love” series?

London-based evening 2 hour workshop:

Live online 3 week webinar (2 hours each week):

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