Are you with someone just because you feel lonely ?

According to some philosophers and psychologists, human life is often lived dictated by fears. One of the most fundamental fears (other than death) is loneliness. I definitely fall into the category of those who believe that happiness in life is found through our relationships with others. This relationship, however, is not just between you and a partner. A relationship exists on all levels of the universe: including friendship, family, community and even spirituality. Therefore, while I believe that Love is absolutely crucial for happiness, I am ready to argue that many relationships are formed not because of love, but because of fear of loneliness.

While that might be fine initially, what happens when the relationship is really not the fit you sought and that dreaded loneliness never really subsided but just becomes a different kind of loneliness: one where you feel stuck in a relationship that leaves you empty?

Below I’m sharing a video with you where I bring cases where my clients suffered from relationships.

It takes courage to admit that we fear loneliness, but the ones who do admit, end up rewarded by the best of relationships… It’s like the Tao old saying that goes something along these lines: If you are chasing the butterfly, it will always run away from you. As long you stop and hold your hand still, it might land on your hand gracefully…

Watch the Video Here

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