Staying positive in this strange time of uncertainty

Life throws us curve balls on a regular basis that we may not always know what to do with. Some are good ones that lead to much better things: like promotions and proposals. Some are bad ones that are painful and difficult to be a part of: like deaths of loved ones and illnesses we struggle to get better with.
Some are just challenges that can go either way. Covid-19 (aka: the Coronavirus) is one of them. How it goes depends in a large part on how we handle it. Do we take it as a negative and look at it with dismay, anger, depression, loneliness? Or do we take it as a potential positive that could, if taken as the temporary turmoil that it is, eventually lead to better things?
In this video, I speak with two friends on how they find their own way to reframe this would be negative situation into something potentially positive.

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Positive Article of the week

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