If Valentine’s Day Made You Feel Lonely, Read This!

Hi there!
This past week was Valentine’s Day, and just a few days after that I had the privilege of speaking at the Best You Expo. My chosen topic this year was about Loneliness and how it can be cured by Connection, giving people 3 proven tips on how to truly Connect with someone special. Why I’m writing this right now is because I was absolutely Blown Away by the response to the topic. Not only was my room absolutely filled to the max (with some people even standing because of lack of seats), but there was a huge resonance for the topic of loneliness and the majority of the audience admitted to feelings of loneliness either occasionally or regularly (and it was an audience of mixed ages).¬†When doing research for this topic, I found some pretty dire statistics about loneliness that certainly matched the reaction of the audience.
So what’s going on? Why are we, as a culture, so much lonelier than we’ve ever been? And what can we do about it? Well, as I mentioned in my speech about the topic, the trick to beating loneliness is through truly Connecting with others. So here’s a brief video we made for this Monday’s “10 Minutes to Healthy Living” which summarizes some of what was discussed in that speech to help you towards true Connection.

Watch the video