Want to meet someone who shares your life view?

Do you sometimes feel that though you occasionally do meet people who are ok, you struggle to meet that one special person who actually shares your outlook on life? Maybe the people you meet just look at the world differently? Or maybe you feel that not one of them really “gets you” as you think differently.

This past weekend I spoke and exhibited at the Mind Body Soul conference and Yoga Show at Alexandra Palace. It was an amazing weekend filled with so many different people all there with a parallel higher life purpose and mission to meet others of a similar mindset. I presented a talk called “Find love at any age in three proven steps”. For those who couldn’t be there, you can catch a small glimpse of the talk on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/coachjuliakeller.

During and after the talk many of those who came asked me just that question: how can they find that special someone who shares their world view and outlook on life? During the event, many women and men came to me to discuss that exact struggle. It is clear that in today’s society, we are more likely to search, and less likely to find, that person who really and truly suits us: that real authentic love. So does that mean we’re doomed to either settle or roam the world alone?

Well, as someone tuned into the world of love at all levels, I am constantly looking for examples of success in relationships. So I took the opportunity of the Mind Body Soul event to conduct some personal research of my own and I spoke to some incredible couples who were together and who were in fact on that same life journey together. So how did they find one another and end up together? Well that will be the subject of one of my upcoming events, and an upcoming free YouTube video with some tips of how you too can find that person who shares your life path, so stay tuned. In order to see these videos first, subscribe to our YouTube channel (for free), by clicking the link here
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