If you’re feeling lonely and disconnected, watch this talk

These days it feels like the world is so much more connected on one level but so much more disconnected on another. In fact, though we can follow what our friends are doing (and even eating) quite easily on Facebook and Instagram, we may not have actually spoken to them in months. Meeting someone now can be done with just a phone, but is the person we’re having a virtual relationship with (and getting excited about) even real outside our imagination and expectations? This interconnected world, rather than helping us to feel happier and more connected is instead leaving us feeling more alone and lonely than ever. And the consequences can be seen on the health decline of lonely people. The problem is, have we lost the skill of true connection now?
In this talk that I delivered at the Best You Expo in February, I discuss how we can learn to truly connect again and why we should (both for our health and our general happiness). And if after listening, you want my help to get you there, you can book a free 30 minute Love and Health Tune Up call with me at the link here.

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