The Art of Manifesting Love – Once More

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Some time ago, when I was first starting out in my love coaching career, I had come upon the realization of the power of manifesting what you want into your life. I was able to use this power to manifest in so many wonderful things into my life so I was filled with the excitement of just how potent this ability to manifest was.
Seeing the miracles take flight in my own life, I wanted to share this amazing ability with everyone. And I tried to. I wrote articles, I tried to teach it to my clients, and I spoke about it basically to anyone who would listen. But I soon came upon a common hurdle: doubt.
You see, attracting anything into your life — whether love, or money, or just a happier life — requires faith. And I was new then to this article thing of inspiring others and I didn’t yet know how to inspire faith.
You may be sitting in that place of doubt now. You may be watching the days celebrating love come and go with dread.

Valentine’s Day has come and passed, bringing with it that crystal clear sentiment of feeling more single if we’re single. Spring is here and soon summer, bringing in picnics, couples sitting together at outside tables, walking hand in hand through parks, and kissing in full view. We live in a world these days that doesn’t allow us to sit and wallow for long. Work, life, and the everyday get in the way. But if you’re single, and you don’t want to be single, then that feeling of being singled out isn’t one that disappears.

 In fact, it’ll come back to haunt you in those unexpected moment. You’re on a tube or a bus and you see a happy couple leaning against each other. You’re in a restaurant with friends and you see another happy couple holding hands on the table and stealing kisses from each other when they think no one is watching. You’re walking in the park and there’s a couple walking together happily flirting and giggling with one another like two teenagers. And then it happens. That creeping feeling that you don’t want to let in, that you’ve spent all this time keeping out, that you’ve filled with whatever you can to try and suffocate it; it comes creeping back in. And it sounds something like this: “Why don’t I have somebody special in my life? What is it about her that makes her lovable that I’m missing? Why doesn’t anyone love me like that?”

I’ve been on both sides of that couple equation (both in he couple the one watching envious from outside) so I know how badly it can feel to be without, especially when you know what you’re missing.

The thing about love is that it is out there and available to all of us, just like sustenance of any kind. Whatever higher being you believe in – which I’ll just call The Universe for now – it wants us all to find what we’re after. It wants our success and it desires our happiness. Then the question of all time arises: Why is it that some people find happiness, love, financial security and success…; while others don’t?

Ever since I began coaching clients on improving their love lives some time back, I have tried to isolate the key ingredients that some possess that ensures that they are successful in love. Even with my clients, I’ve seen some find success immediately, while others take longer to understand and act on the principles that I teach them. In my quest to understand what works, I began to watch and question the women who I find successful and to dissect what makes them that way. I also conducted some very candid interviews with men which I put on my YouTube channel.

But other than all of these clear ingredients which I’ve learned about, I’ve also discovered a key principle which I’m now sharing with my current clients to unbelievable success: I call it The Art of Attracting Authentic Love and my book “Attract Authentic Love” is now published and can be bought on Amazon and other bookstores.

I have seen this principle work clearly in my own life over the years: both for my career and for my love life. I have also seen how forgetting about the principle, and ignoring some of the rules of success, led to long moments of lack. As happens to many people, the feeling of lack then increases inside me that lack which then surfaces in life as more of that lacking. If I would allow myself to get stuck and sink into that feeling, that would then have the effect of further eroding my life. Believe me, I’ve been there and I’ve done that. Luckily, however, this distance from the life I want to live would serve eventually to wake me up into pursuing what I want once again, and I would reconnect with the principles and bring my life back in order and flowing in the right direction.

All of us will go through moments of emptiness, moments of unhappiness with our lives, moments of feeling alone in our journey and realising that we don’t want to be alone. The trick is to use that feeling of dissatisfaction to propel us forward, and not as an excuse to wallow and to sink into the beckoning unhappiness. It is always easier to complain, to sit at home and moan about how poor the options of great men out there are while sinking a spoon into a pot of ice cream and watching a chick flick on our own (or whatever your poison). It’s much more difficult to come to grips with the fact that we’re unhappy and to do something about it finally. I’ve had clients that I met for the first time a year before they decided to finally sign up and do something about their lives. Now after almost two years of helping clients to Attract Authentic Love into their lives, I have clients coming to me rather than having to look for them. I am very grateful for this change. It means that I can really help those who are ready to help themselves.

Sometimes it takes many years to be ready to change; after all, change isn’t easy. Some clients I met at the beginning of my coaching  weren’t yet ready to work for what they wanted; they weren’t yet ready to leave victim mode behind. At that time, though my prices were low, they seemed too high because they were still in a place of complaining and wallowing. Months later, however, something shifted and they realised that they didn’t want to be alone anymore and that they were finally ready to do something about it. By that point, my prices had increased, but they were ready to act and so they paid without hesitation. I have unlimited patience for people to be ready to act, because I know that until they’re ready, I can’t really help them. Thanks to this realisation, I’ve now implemented a short call where I check if clients are really the kind of client that I want to work with and that I feel I can help in ensuring a success story for. Now I only take clients who are truly ready to begin their journey to a better love life, and the results achieved are profound.

Without darkness, there can never be light. Without failure, there can never be success. Without obstacles in our way, we can never feel that incredible feeling of successfully surpassing them. If you are ready to begin your journey towards a better love life, I am here to help you get there. For those that qualify, I offer a way forward. I’ll soon be launching a Self-study online product and following that a group workshop (both in-person and online). For now, you have my book to get you started. I’m so sure that this info will help you to achieve the love life you want, that I’m entering everyone who reads the book and writes us a rave review on Amazon into our raffle to win a free Love Session (valued £200), just send us a pic of your review to be entered. And if you share the book with a friend who also writes a rave review, they get entered and you get entered again (so another chance to win).

And if you truly feel ready to move your love life from “ho hum” to “hell yeah”, you can book a Love Tune Up call with me on this link to see if you qualify to be one of my small group of one to one clients.

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