Awakening Through Tragedy

Last week another terrorist attack rocked Europe. This time, however, it took place right in the heart of London, not very far from the Centre where my office is.

The aftermath of the London attack, which took no longer than 80 seconds, left people puzzled, angered, afraid, and confused. My immediate reaction upon hearing the news of more attacks — this time so near to us — was one of fear and sadness.

When such events take place, they have the effect of awakening us, of giving us a moment of clarity that leaves no space for judgement, no matter how brief that moment is, it is a moment of complete powerlessness as if acknowledging the mysterious way in which one’s life can be seized as we know it, in less than a minute. Such events have the power to really bring people together, put things into perspective, and question the people that we surround ourselves with. Such a situation is an awakening reminding us to cherish the life that we’ve been given, to take a moment to reflect on what has just happened and why, and to ask ourselves this question: if i had only a day left to live, would i live my life differently?

Every one responds to such tragedies in their own way: psychologically, politically, vengefully, protectively etc. As a Love Coach, I generally respond from the point of view that I believe in… that of love. And if I were to ask myself that question, and I did, I knew that I would have wanted my day to be one where I surround myself with my family, kids, friends, and loved ones: people who are dear to me in a place that is meaningful to us, doing something that gives me joy. In my eyes, everything that gives you joy can only come from a place of love…

From my experience, it is where love is lacking that anger, aggression, and violence have space to set in and threaten the world we live in. In other words, love is really something we need desperately more of to cure the hostility and anger that lies in the outskirts and threatens to destroy this beautiful world which has come so far, but which has sacrificed greatly in the process.

Our world has moved foreword in so many amazing ways, but as individuals, have we given in too much to individuality and lost too much in the area of collaboration and partnership… and love? If we were to clean ourselves of our fears, complexes, insecurities, our anger and mistrust of those who are different, etc would we still see so much reason to fight against each other, or would we rather revel in love and joy and find a way to work together for the mutual gain of everyone involved?

Perhaps the issues of the world are too big to fathom and to solve, but what about our own individual issues? What about those arguments we fall into that split us from those we love? What if instead of fighting, we sought to really listen and understand the other’s point of view and to find a middle ground that makes both parties happy? What if starting at home with our loved ones, our friends, our partners, our children would then allow us to practice the skills we need to help us to do the same later on a slightly bigger scale: such as at work during conflicts with our bosses and colleagues; or an even bigger scale, such as issues between companies, between big corporations and disgruntled employees, and yes an even bigger scale of the issues in the world.

Perhaps I’m a dreamer, but I really do believe that it is Love and compassion for each other that will solve the many issues now plaguing this world. Maybe it’s a difficult and long road to climb still but the beauty of life’s mystery is that in between the things that we have less control over as simple individuals, we are free to live our lives as we wish, and to control our own actions and ways with others. If we can choose our reaction to the action of those in our lives, why not choose the reaction of love. And maybe somehow the “butterfly effect” will help our way spread to put even a small sprinkle of healing love into the fractured world we live in.

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