Remember the last time that you saw somebody you really liked but didn’t take the opportunity to say hello… How frustrating is it when that person might be a perfect partner for you and you miss the opportunity to talk to them.

Wouldn’t it be great if the next time you passed by someone you wanted to get to know better, you knew what to do to begin a conversation. Well I’m giving you three tips after the below video. Just click on the link under the video to read the tips.

Of course sometimes, even with the best tips and the best intentions, something doesn’t work out and the moment just doesn’t happen… if you are kicking yourself afterwards and you wish you had a second chance to say hello to that special someone, watch the video and Join the Revolution!

This is why we agreed to collaborate with Happn. What we like about Happn is that it gives you a second chance to meet that someone you noticed but didn’t have the courage to talk to the first time. One of the things that my clients complain about all of the time is that they are kicking themselves for missing that chance to speak to that someone that interests them, we with Happn you have the opportunity to have that second chance.

And if you want more apps we choose as our top five out there to meet someone if you’re over 30, have a look at our video highlighting our top five apps.

And here are three tips for how to talk to that someone you notice:

Tip #1: Use your eyes and your lips to grab interest.

The original way of grabbing someone’s interest is still the best: use your eyes and your smile. The trick is to do this in a way that draws the other person in. Keep his gaze just a little longer than comfortable and then follow with a smile while still keeping eye contact. This could be nerve-wracking if you’re not comfortable doing this, but you soon find yourself getting better at it. We’ll demonstrate this technique fully in our coming online product so stay tuned.

Tip #2: Get him at “hello”.

Sometimes the simplest words are the most effective. You don’t have to try too hard to start a conversation or even say anything particularly witty. A “hello” said in a seductive, captivating way is enough to draw the other person in and create a desire for more. Bond this with eye contact and a sightly mysterious smile for extra impact.

Tip #3:  Find a commonality.

We all know that having something in common makes conversation easier. Well the good news is that finding something in common with that person you’ve been eyeing is easier than you think. If you’re both standing on a long line that’s moving slowly, for instance, you’re probably both feeling equally frustrated. Or if you’re both out standing at a bar, you’re probably both after a drink. These are already two simple commonalities that can help spur a conversation.

For more such tips, follow my blog and read me now on several other blogs too. And if you want some more personal advice for your specific situation, schedule a free 30 minute Love Tune Up call with me on this link.

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