Back to certainty !

Hey there,
Before I was a Mind-Body Wellness Specialist, I was a Transformational Love Coach. That was some years back when the Brexit vote had just happened and when we were then, much like now, in a state of uncertainty and flux over what would happen in our future.
The fact is that the only thing that really changed between then and now is that we’re some years older. Unfortunately, that certainty that we hoped the politicians would provide us is even less certain than it was when I first made this video. The learning, however, is the same: no one can provide us with certainty as life generally is uncertain. So the only way forward is through our own achievement. We must become our own anchor in a life where we can so easily float away on so many different levels, paths and agendas.
Being “well” in life relies on feeling grounded in ourselves even if not in the universe around us. Hence this video on how to deliver our own certainty is just as timely now to our overall well-being as it was then.

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