Are you compromising too much?

I would like to kick off my new Wellness Series not so far from the topics I have been mostly known for: love and relationships. When I speak of being a Wellness Specialist, many assume that I focus on tackling issues such as insomnia, stress, and weight loss. While those are core issues that I help people with — along with helping them towards that feel-good vitality that has alluded them for a while, a core part of my work is very much centered around the core work I was doing when I was calling myself a Love Coach: helping them to achieve the loving relationships they crave.

Our private lives are, after all, the driving forces of quality in our life. There has been sufficient research to showcase how the lack of relationships (ie: loneliness) can be incredibly detrimental to health. But what about the feeling of losing yourself to your partner? We all know that when we are in love, and receive love back, the world is indeed a better place. We feel more energized and bloom in all aspects of our lives. Equal in power, however, is the feeling of being in a toxic relationship: something I have seen over and over again from my clients. As exciting as a relationship that feels full of balance and growth can feel; so equally devastating (albeit eating away at us slowly) can a relationship where we lose ourselves and what we desire feel. Therefore I would like to offer you a quick video on one of the most toxic aspects of a relationship: too much compromise. If you feel any of the scenarios described resonate with you, it may be time to change few things…

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