Being mindful of our blessings this Christmas

Being mindful of our blessings this Christmas

Ok I’m the first to admit it: 2021 has been a challenging year. Just as we thought 2020 wasn’t easy, 2021 wasn’t much better. So it’s not always easy to know where to look for what we can count as our blessings this Christmas.

But perhaps we can start with just the fact that we can celebrate with our loved ones in closer contact this time around, which is already better than last year. Perhaps somewhere in the confusion of what’s passed, what’s worked and what hasn’t and the fear/hope of what’s to come, we can find a space to be grateful for what we have right now.

Sometimes in between the fear for tomorrow and the worry about yesterday, we forget to look at the joy of today. While I’m not advocating living just for the moment without any future planning, we often miss the moment because we’re scrambling between regretting the past and planning the future. So we miss the opportunity to enjoy the today. That could be a precious moment or a wonderful adventure missed.

So let’s celebrate today just for the simple goodness of it being just before another Christmas. And even if Christmas isn’t your thing or it just makes you feel more lonely, think of it as a day off that you can relax and unwind and just enjoy calmly. And if your health isn’t one of the areas you’re grateful for right now, book a free 20 minutes call with me here and let’s get that better for the coming year and beyond.

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