Happy New Year everyone

I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. Rather I believe in changes that stay with you for a lifetime.

It’s almost 2022 and the end of the year is off to an interesting finish. We start 2022 off in a strange state of unknown. Where last year we were mostly all surviving quarantine, this year we aren’t really sure where we stand. 

The latest covid strand, Omicron, seems to have infected a vast amount of people and politicians are bracing themselves for dire statistics which may or may not come. So far, thankfully, the results don’t seem to be too dire. Though infections are at a high, deaths are not and neither are hospitals 🏥 overflowing. Omicron so far is mostly having mild effects. So much so that the quarantine rules have even been reduced in a sense. So does that mean that soon hopefully pandemic panic will be reduced? Well, all we can do is hope and improve our health and our immunity.

And that brings me to the main crux of this newsletter. And that is the part where I empower you all to make 2022 different from the years before. As I’ve always said, I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. Rather I believe in changes that stay with you for a lifetime and commitments that actually matter enough to keep them. So don’t promise yourself to eat better and go to the gym more often, instead change your approach to your health so that you get to hold onto good health and vitality for longer. 

And don’t wait until your health is gone to finally focus on it, pay attention now while you still can. The longer you wait to really take care of yourself, the more difficult it will be to get back what you’ve let go. Trust me, I’ve seen it all the time with my elderly clients. I remember one client who thought he was living healthy when in truth he’d been sabotaging his health through his poor diet and lack of sleep for years. The only thing he’d done right was spend a lot of time exercising. However, once the poor diet and minimal sleep caught up with him, his dwindling energy and poor joint health caused by chronic inflammation caught up with him until even climbing stairs became too difficult. 

Don’t let that be you! Help your health by taking care of it fully now while you still have it. On multiple medications? Speak with your doctor about having these reviewed to make sure you’re still using meds you need and in the right doses. Starting to not feel great? It may be time to speak to an expert. You can book a free 20 minute call with me here to discuss where minor changes to diet and lifestyle can make a major difference.

Start your new year off right. New year; New you!