Be A Better You To Find True Love

 Recently I started to work with a new friend of mine, Stewart, who introduced me to the world of radio. I guest starred on his show several times and you can listen to them here. It was great fun!
Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 22.16.29UK Health radio also has its own magazine dedicated to healthy lifestyle, where you can find an article I wrote about finding love.

Be A Better You To Find True Love – An Article For the Health Triangle Magazine

In this busy interconnected world, where technology promises to make it easier than ever to find a “date” for the evening (even if it only lasts an evening), why does it seem harder than ever to find the Love that we desperately seek? If you’ve been searching for longer than you’d care to admit and are beginning to wonder if true love still exists, or if you feel you’ve looked everywhere and are stuck in either a string of short-term romances that never materialise into anything significant or a rut of no romance at all, perhaps you’re looking for love in the wrong  places. In fact, perhaps the first place you should look for the source of your love problems is in the mirror. If there’s anything I’ve learned from my work as a Love Therapist, it’s that the first place to start on your journey towards true Love is with yourself. So here are three big questions to ask yourself on your way to becoming the best version of You that will get you back on the road to finding Love.


No matter how much we sugarcoat the fact, looks are an important first part of attraction. That doesn’t mean that you have to be the living embodiment of the next pinup model or that you have to be perfectly slim, perfectly built or perfectly proportioned. It simply means that you need to take the time to look after how you look. When choosing a Partner, all of us subconsciously search for someone who is healthy and well put together. Begin with feeding your body right so that both your figure and your skin look healthy and vibrant. Then find clothing that flatters your figure and helps you to look well-presented and attractive. Your hair, your skin and your makeup should be flattering to your face (no matter your age). Learn to take care of your body and health better by eating right and exercising appropriately. Every client that signs up to any of my packages spends at least one session (if not an entire month) working on looking their best. The better they begin to look, the better they feel about themselves, the easier they bring love into their life.


No matter how great you look, if you don’t feel good about yourself, your relationships will either stagnate or never really feel right. The first part of my book Attract Authentic Love begins with loving yourself first. We must begin to appreciate and value ourselves in order to teach the world how to appreciate and value us. That means beginning with feeling that we are worthy of love and that we are desirable enough to find it. If we don’t demonstrate respect for ourselves, and allow others to treat us badly, how can we complain when they do? The only end to the cycle of negative love is to feel truly worthy of positive, affirming love that values us and to accept nothing less, only allowing those who

treat us well close enough to win our hearts. This begins with believing we are desirable and worthy of love, and believing it enough that we call it into our lives.


Before you can begin to look for love, you have to believe in it. So if your attitude about love at the moment could use a tune up, that could be why your love life isn’t working. After all, life has an interesting way of giving us whatever we expect it will. If we look for darkness and negativity, we can easily find it. To find love and happiness, you have to look at life as if that love and happiness is already there and readily available to you. With my clients, I help them get to this point through targeted hypnotherapy, NLP and visualisation exercises. You can do this on your own by imagining yourself being loved, looked after and admired and feeling how wonderful it feels to have this continuously until you really believe in the possibility. Remember that true love is out there for every one of us. Have faith, believe and be open to finding it.

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