How Stefani cured her psoriasis and lost 6 kilos

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Your body is your temple, your body is your home, your body is your way towards expressing who you are. In ancient Greek times, being physically fit was considered as impressive as being intelligent. The belief was that in a beautiful body lives a beautiful soul. This may sound unjust. After all, we are in fact so much more than just our bodies and I do agree with the often used expression: “Don’t judge a book by its’ cover”. Superficially judging others is not only unfair, but it also leaves us missing who they really are below the surface. That said, we know that the same Greeks who held this belief were actually a profound, deep-thinking people.

Plato is a great example of someone who believed that keeping mind AND body in shape was deeply important. While one of the greatest philosophers of any time, he also was one of the greatest Olympian champions — and to be an Olympian champion in Greece, you had to be fit!

In ancient Greece, taking care of one’s body was perceived as a sign of intelligence because your body is your vehicle in life. Yes, you, that someone inside, is the driver, but if your car breaks down, you cannot go very far. It is all about balance; you give as much attention to inner as to outer. You have a responsibility to your body to nurture it. Responsible people reflect that responsibility to their bodies as well. It should not become your sole occupation, but it should be one of your priorities.

Hence in this mood of health, I decided to share an interview I did with a very dear person to be, who has been through her share of skin health issues, telling us how she dealt with them and how your body can become holier by simply attending to your nutrition.

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