What do Brexit, budgeting and a “Stressed Out” hotline for Bankers have in common?

Hey there,
I bet you’re wondering about the headline for today’s newsletter! Well, recently I was invited to participate in a very interesting and innovative radio show for Fund Managers, Investors, Bankers and anyone else interested in the world of finance. It’s called The Naked Short Club and you can find the link to this last show here. I speak about Stress Management and the importance of sleep as the official responder for those dialing into the Distressed Hotline. The show was fantastic, really fun (just have a listen and hear Dr Stu’s great humour), while also highly informative (and how he asks just the right kind of questions to get the most poignant info from the show guests) and I’ll be coming onto future shows as well, probably once monthly to answer the stress and health-related questions of callers.
Have a question you’d like to ask ME about how to better manage your stress or how to improve your health overall, including better interactions with others (personal or professional) or with yourself? You can schedule a free 30 minute call with me here: https://juliakellerdiscoverycall.as.me/schedule.php

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