Calling all lonely men out there!

Hey there!

While I’ve done some amazing work with helping women to find and
improve their love stories since I started Love Coaching, I initially
resisted taking on male clients. However, as my Love Coaching practice
kept growing, more and more men kept coming to me asking for help.
Initially, I began with accepting just a few male clients that begged
me for help, or that I saw could really use my advice to help them to
understand what women want and need better and how to find that love
they sought. After a while, however, more and more men began coming —
either by learning about me and my work through friends or by finding
me on google or at events I spoke at.

In fact, many men even bought my book on attracting love created with
women readers in mind, “Attract Authentic Love”. Such a significant
number of my books went to men, in fact, that I’m now working on a
version of the book specifically for men (out next year). I’ll also be
launching a group coaching program for men by Christmas (stay tuned
for more details on this). For now, however, I’ve opened up my One to
One coaching to accept certain male clients who meet certain specific
criteria (inquire here by booking a free 30 minute assessment call
with me).

Some of the male clients who have worked with me shared their
testimonials. You can read them on our website here
and we’ve also included some for you below as well.

For the women reading this, you may have a single male friend,
brother, father, uncle, etc that you believe would love to find love
but is lost as to what to do in this current dating minefield and how
to go about it. Have them book a free phone call with me on the link
above to find out if they’re suitable for my coaching.

“In a few short years the rules of dating had changed, and I no longer
had the rule book.  Julia has helped me understand just what those
rules are and just exactly what I need to do in order to attract the
sort of woman I want to be with long term; she has helped me
understand what a woman wants from a man and I have found that to be
invaluable “ Martin

“What I liked about Julia were her insights into human nature. You
could say that she has an old head on young shoulders! She explained
that with simple changes of approach in one’s behaviour, results can
follow. They did!”

“Julia is one of those rare women who has real observed insight into
human nature and how people think and react and knows how to explain
it to others. She was able to explain how women think and work in a
way I would never be able to comprehend on my own as women have always
been a mystery to me. With her help, I was able to tap into the
mysterious mind of a woman I really liked in order to understand what
she wanted and needed from me. The results were incredible! Now I’m a
very happy man in love!”
Anonymous man

Book testimonial

“Men can gain insight into how women think about relationships from
this excellent, practical book. Julia Keller has walked the talk in
her personal life, so she is an authentic guide to help women (and
men) find a partner perfect for them.” Christopher

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