The time to take control of your love life is now!

If you’ve been single for a while, and you don’t want to be, you’ve
probably gone through several times of feeling lonely and unhappy
about your situation. In periods where couples out there are more
obvious than ever — such as certain holidays like Christmas, New
Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, or even during the warmer seasons — you
may feel even worse than usual.

Sometimes when the situation has you so frustrated, you may even
finally have enough urgency to change it to seek out the help of
experts out there. There are certainly many books about empowerment,
self love, dating rules, 10 steps to this and that, etc out there. And
yet you may have read many of them and still be in as bad a situation
as ever.

Like you, I also was once frustrated and feeling lonely, after my
divorce. At one point, I came to a point of such strong desire to
change that I took action to change my situation. I’d read many of
these books by that point, along with books on achieving whatever it
was that I desired in life. I began to use the skills I learned and
tried out one by one what the books and courses told me. Some worked
better than others and I began to see a pattern that led to success
and a pattern that led away from it. When I acted or thought in the
way that brought success, things improved. When I acted or thought in
a way that went against it, things got worse again. Soon, I’d realised
what exactly worked and I began to test it out on others who were in
the same situation as I’d been and who wanted my help and were happy
to have me experiment with them. Success came to them too and before
long, Coaching certificate and NLP studies in hand, I’d made Love
Coaching into my full-time career. In fact, things went so well that
my Love Coaching practice became more and more busy and I kept raising
prices regularly.

Because I saw that what I’d put together really worked, and I wanted
to help more people than I could in my One to One practice, I began
coaching groups and giving talks. But I still wanted to share what I’d
learned and what worked with more of the world. So I wrote a book
entitled “Attract Authentic Love” sharing my Authentic Love
methodology in as succinct a way as I could in a book written mainly
for women. Because so many men also bought my book, I decided to write
a book dedicated to helping men too (which I’m working on now). Many
of the women who read my book contacted me asking me for more help and
information. But my One to One Love Coaching practice could only take
so many clients, and I’d raised my prices a couple of times since
then. I also wanted to make this work accessible to all women — even
those who couldn’t afford my One to One coaching.

If you watched my interview with Ruth last week  (watch it here if you
haven’t already), you would have heard me mentioning the Self Study
Group that I am launching. I don’t want to give out too much yet, but
this program was created with women like you in mind in a grand first
attempt to make the Authentic Love methodology, that has seen such
amazing results with my clients, available to all women who want to
Attract Authentic Love into their lives.

Here is a small snippet from the program encompassing the overall
approach I have to coaching and especially to coaching intended to
loving yourself and finding a partner to share rest of your life with.

This program is particularly designed to bring that balance between
learning theory (and channeling in what you want in your life) and
practice (going out and getting it).

Btw most Mondays I stream live “10 minutes to femininity”, showing you
how it does not take long or much effort to delve into that femininity
that makes you more attractive to men. It’s a quick tip video about
all the different aspects of femininity, including interviews with
some experts. All brought to you live on Facebook on my page
@coachjuliakeller. Enjoy and let us know by your comments if there’s
anything specific that you’d like us to talk about.

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