Could your life style be causing dementia?

The statistics for dementias are staggering and very sad. An ever-increasing number of people seem to become affected with this debilitating group of diseases. The question is not so much why but what can we do about it RIGHT NOW?

While there are certainly dementia genes that lead some to be more predisposed than others to these debilitating illnesses, genes only play a small role in whether someone is stricken with dementia later in life. The study of epigenetics also teaches us that whether certain genes manifest or not is determined quite a bit by our lifestyle (including how we live, how we eat and even how we think).

Sadly many people don’t know that common mistakes they make even early in life may predispose them to being more likely to incur dementia (including Alzheimer’s) later in life, and by then it’s too late to fix.

What are those things? Here I did a Facebook live video on the subject. Have a watch. I’m also coming out with a 12 week series on things we should DO RIGHT NOW to slow the ageing process. That will be out later this spring. 

Watch the full video here 

I’m also creating a free video with 3 things many do that unknowingly may be causing them to age prematurely and 3 other things we should all be doing that can help us slow ageing down. If you want a link to the free video once it’s ready, reply to this post or email saying “send me the video” or reply on my Facebook or Instagram (@healthyagingnutrition) or on my YouTube saying “send me the video”. You can also book a free call with me here:

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