Fear of hand levitation

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If you have been following my newsletters or blog you will know that last month I had two big talks that I was rather nervous about.  As I said before, the fear of speaking at these two significant events (at least for me) was there; and while I shared my emotions and feelings prior the talk, now that I’m done with them, I can confirm just how amazing and gratifying the feeling of giving those talks actually was. It was even more gratifying because I was able to surpass that fear and the anxiety caused and get out there and do a fantastic job. Many people even came up and thanked me for the talks, which made me feel even better. But even without that, I knew once I’d done it that I’d worked hard and I’d done my best on the day.


The thing about fear and anxiety is that it’s real, it’s out there, and it’s a part of us that has the power to either hold us back or move us forward. There are many ways in which all of us either walk around fear, avoid the causes of it altogether, or throw ourselves right at it in an attempt to surpass it and to conquer it so that it loses its power over us. I would like to place myself in the latter category; I don’t like the idea of anything holding me back from achieving my dreams.


When I started my hypnosis course, for instance, I had a distinct fear of doing any kind of practice with levitation. This came from my past when I’d attempted to learn hypnosis for the first time when I was only 11. I’d taught myself all of this intricate technique that I’d learned in a book and decided to try it out on some camp mates at the summer sleep-away camp where I was for the summer. I failed drastically, not surprisingly when I tried to demonstrate hand levitation, and I was teased about how silly I was event thinking that I can do it. This teasing continued for almost my entire month there. Needless to say what remained with me was how much I hate sleepaway camp (I won’t even send my kids to one) and also what a failure I was at hypnosis and especially at levitation. Fast forward many, many years. I have wanted to study hypnosis ever since I was 11 and it’s taken me more than 2 decades to finally go for it. This past weekend we studied none other than hand levitations. I felt the old fear of failure returning to me, but I went ahead and did it anyway. To my great surprise, it worked! In fact, everyone in the course was distinctly nice to me about my hypnosis technique, as I was nice and complementary in return. My tutors too complimented how I did and my confidence in learning this subject that I’d wanted to learn for over two decades returned.


I was not born at all brave. In fact I trained myself to reach that level because as soon as I started to reflect on my life I found out that things I was not happy about didn’t just happen to me, but rather it was my fear that prevented me from changing them. I would never learn hypnosis if I didn’t get over my fear of failure and go for learning it, and I would never become a great motivational speaker if I didn’t just go for it and get onto that stage.


Often, as I’ve seen with myself and my clients, many of our fears and anxieties come from our past experiences. These fears stop us from living out our dreams, but are often not based in reality at all, but rather in our memory of a warped reality based on a very small sample size. I’ve worked with quite a few clients now helping them to get over their fears and insecurities around relationships. If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you too, schedule a free 30 minute call with me by clicking this link: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=12785109&appointmentType=1926282


Our energy works like a magnet, attracting whatever we put out there. In the time when I allowed my fear of failure to win over mjuliamymy decisions, I didn’t act and what I attracted was just obstacles keeping me far from my life goals. Therefore part of my work on myself included understanding that magnetism which we all carry and rewire myself to attract things that I love and that I want, and not what comes regardless of my desires. As I Love Coach I’ve researched feminine magnetism that attracts attention and respect: two qualities that can often be overshadowed by fear in highly masculine society. Modern women, who have awakened and embraced their femininity, have also entered the undiscovered field of magnetism. It is thus that I was delighted to accept an invitation to participate in the “Master Your Magnetism Series’ hosted by Success and Lifestyle Coach Lauren Joyce. I invite you all to check it out, completely free of charge, dive into the journey of discovering your magnetism. Please Press Here


I’m also running a series called “Attract Authentic Love” helping women to use the right energy and take the right actions to attract the love they really want and be the “Chooser” in their love story. You can find out more and sign up here.

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