Q&A with Julia Keller

This week we’re answering your love questions again in our now regular Q&A with Julia Keller. I am sharing a question I received a while ago, but a question that I have came across so many times in my work with clients.
I have been seeing a man for a few months but he does not introduce me to his friends or family. What do I do?
What would you do? Have you ever been in such situation? My answer goes two fold. Firstly, without any fear you ask yourself what is the status of your relationship. Secondly, you adopt the language which is suitable to your relationship. I go into further detail in the video, but if any of you have any similar questions I would highly recommend to attend my complementary webinar, Find Your Femininity, which is closely linked to today’s discussion. The webinar is this Thursday and the link to sign up is here.
Remember that we answer your pressing love questions completely anonymously in the Q&A. You can send your love questions in so many different ways including through all of our social media channels below or by email to media@juliakeller.co.uk.
Now, enjoy the vide 🙂

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