Finding peace within in a time of war

Just when we thought the uncertainty in our world was coming to an end, it has sprung a new beginning. War is happening on foreign shores but the threat of its’ presence moving closer is paramount. For those reading this with loved ones in either country, my heart goes out to you and yours.

Many of my family and friends, living in countries that were part of the former Soviet Union, are waiting and watching in trepidation to see if the invasion moves closer to their land. Many of us outside of these war zones are also watching, both in anxiety for what this war could mean for the rest of the world but also in sadness for the horrible circumstances that have claimed so many lives.

Right now as we sit outside the war zones again stricken by fear, this time not because of a disease that may get us, but because of a dictator who may cause havoc in our world, there is no better time to remind ourselves that no matter the uncertainty of the world around us, nothing can strip us of the peace we can possess within. 

Although I believe looking for permanent inner peace may be beyond most of us, even holding that peace and calm for a short time is already good for our physical and mental health. In fact both meditation and yoga (which encourage breathing and moving to the parasympathetic state of calm) have both been linked with improved mental health, stronger immunity and even longevity. Plus finding inner peace feels good, especially when the norm in our time seems to be anxiety and fear. 

If you don’t have time for yoga or a long meditation, consider taking 10 minutes before bed to imagine yourself going somewhere peaceful and calm, or where you find happiness. And if you find yourself stressing out about anything during the day, try taking several deep breaths to reach a little bit of inner peace even in a challenging moment. 

It is through finding peace within ourselves that we can escape for even a minute from the havoc and panic around us.