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Lately, I’ve been speaking quite a bit about my Attract Authentic Love Self Study Program, which officially launched this Sunday. But there’s a good reason for this: like with the writing of my Attract Authentic Love book, it’s been a big journey for me to create it and I have learned so much from this journey.

Stay tuned as next week I shall tell you about why traditional values in the modern day world still work, but for this week I want to use the opportunity to disclose to you, in full honesty, why I think we need such programs to be more available for women and how I came to create this. After reading the article, you can get even more insight into the program by watching the video below.

I began my career as a Love Coach for women only because it was my first passion to help women to truly value themselves and to expect others to treat them with value and respect. It’s still incredible to me that women who are amazing tend to undervalue themselves, while most men actually overvalue themselves. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that men should value themselves less, but simply that we as women need to learn to value ourselves better and to be treated with value and respect. That said, I also believe very strongly that we benefit from allowing ourselves to be feminine and to tap into our natural sensuality.

Hence, I believe that women can be both feminine and assertive and that assertiveness and strength (and expecting to be treated with value and respect) does not mean acting masculine and sacrificing what is naturally so beautiful about being a woman: our femininity. In fact, it is in allowing ourselves to tap into who we really are where we feel best about ourselves. And that is the idea behind this program: to help women to realise just how incredible and special each and every single one of us really is and to teach you to show that to the world and to approach the world of love knowing and expecting that your special someone is going to discover how amazing you really are and love you for it.

I like you once stood in a completely different place, in a totally different frame of mind, and at a crossroads. I had enough bad dates and disappointments, after my divorce, to have given up completely on love, but something deep inside told me to keep going, and there came a crisis moment of almost breaking, after which everything changed. I know that if I could change my frames of mind and my life with it — if  I could wake up in the morning and feel good amidst a series of bad life situations surrounding me — then anyone could! 

And the big secret is that when you change your mind, your whole life changes with it! Today, my life is incredible and I am grateful for every moment, even the less desired ones of difficulty and pain that still come (as for everyone). But today I know that every obstacle has a reason and a path of learning to take with it, and so I welcome it as it signifies that I’m on the right path.

What I want to do with this program is to simply help spread the word that a HAPPY AND FULL LIFE IS POSSIBLE!  You don’t have to choose to find it through work with me, but you should choose to be happy and to pursue that happiness whichever way speaks to you! Remember that finding fulfilling love and living a fulfilling life IS A CHOICE and you make a choice to move towards or away from it every day.

More often that not, what troubles women the most is that coming helpless hopelessness: that loss of hope of ever finding that special someone who will see them as special too and who will adore them for who they truly are. Often, the hopelessness comes from not knowing what to do to change their set of circumstances. That’s why I created this program: to help you to change your circumstances so that you too can be one half of that ideal pair you watch strolling together looking happily in love. I see many women who have completely lost hope in ever feeling loved and finding love that they succumb to the a life that they believe a single woman has to live, but which leaves them feeling lonely. I also see women who obviously keep dreaming of finding a perfect match that is always somehow just that bit out of reach that time passes them by while they linger in bitter disappointment. 

Since I’ve worked with both kinds of women, I know that feeling of misery and despair is a friend to both categories … and unfortunately because they stay in it and don’t change their circumstances, they invariably choose to be as unhappy as they are. They can blame their ex-partners for the pain they’ve caused them, their parents for making them feel alienated or unloved, their friends for overshadowing them, their looks, their weight, etc… The truth is that if you want to put the fault for living a life you don’t love on someone or something else, it’s always easy to find an object of blame. But it is only when you take full responsibility for your actions and your life that you can truly choose to change it.

So here is what I hope for you: what I want to happen is simple — I want once unhappy women who have become happy to tell other unhappy women that happiness is possible and is reachable and to inspire them to take responsibility for their lives and start acting!

And here’s what I’m offering: Because I really believe in this mission to help women to value themselves and to find true love, I’m going to extend my pre-launch price for another week so that you can still take advantage of the incredible 50% price discount which will be disappearing very soon. So if you want to truly CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND FIND TRUE LOVE, click here.

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